Sometimes I think what we imagine definitely does not match what we want in life.  From watching movies like Enchanted and all our little fairytales, it gives us a false sense of what a man should be like.  I used to believe that romantic gestures need to be grand ones.

I have been watching Miss Advised on Bravo and this show is hilarious!  The show is about 3 women who are supposedly relationship experts, but cannot find love themselves.  They set up so many rules for their viewers to follow, but they never follow any of their rules.  For example, you should not hunt the guy, all these women do the hunting.  If you have not watched this, it is worth watching.  One of the girls plans the date and she plans a “prom” themed date with the tux, limo, and Cinderella dress.  She creates this imaginary world for herself and expects this happily ever after and it never works out.

One morning, I was waiting at the metro and this guy comes running down towards this girl. At first I had no idea what was happening, he was trying to get her attention.  As I watched, this sweet man had just dropped his wife off and found her heels in the car (she was in flats) and was afraid she would go off without them. She told him she had her heels in her hand..she had changed her mind. That to me was romantic.

I find myself thinking that a guy filling up my gas tank, buying me shoes, or buying my groceries when we are together is a lot more romantic than a surprise weekend getaway (not that I will deny it).  If the man can surprise me by packing my bags and putting me in a car, it would be a bonus.

I think we all have a different idea of what is considered romantic, but I think the small, everyday things need to be thought of as romantic as well to keep the spark alive.  As Idalia says best…Those things are thoughtful, not romantic, but thoughtful is greatly appreciated in a relationship.

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