I absolutely love my girlfriends.  They have honestly been through each hard moment with me and these girls have made the single life completely fun and fabulous.  So fabulous, that dating has been an issue because I’d rather be out with them than on a date. Since we’ve been going to so many events, it’s hard to fit someone in. I felt bad because the other day, Arash asked if I needed a plus one to all my parties. I told him, it was girls only and if he wants to come, he’s in charge of rallying all of us and we are all a handful.

Also, I’m not ready to get anyone attached again. When I was with S, my family got attached to the man. Hello, he went on trips with them. My friends got used to having him around. Even my co-workers thought of him as part of the team. I just don’t want to do that again. Hey, if it’s the right guy…they’ll understand.

Ok, I guess since this is on my blog, the secret society is not so secret.

One of my friends posted pictures where 6 bachelors created a league of men and set out to all have fun dating.  Ironically, they dated in groups and the picture is so cool because they all met their wives exactly a year ago and all got married in a year.

Shari and I were at dinner and laughing at all of the adventures we’ve had through the past few months and decided we are going to start this too. All of us are very social people, so everywhere we go, we meet new people and I’m not going to lie…each outing is quite memorable.  Think of us like all the characters from Sex and the City (I am definitely Charlotte).

As we venture on this secret society, there has to be some ground rules:

  1. We all come together, so we all leave together. No leaving a bachelorette behind, even if someone is making-out in a corner, you stand awkwardly and grab them when you have a chance.
  2. Going out. At least one event a week together.
  3. Goal is for each of us to meet at least 3 new people out…that will mean we make at least 18 new friends each time we go out.
  4. If the place has multiple floors and someone wants to go somewhere else, we all move together as a pack or you find someone to tell them where you will be. No texting.
  5. There has to be one person that can rally everyone together at the end of the night.
  6. Before throwing us in a car to go home, make sure you ask to see who has to go to the bathroom. Savoy, you failed at that with me 🙁
  7. Per Shari, we all have to make sure we have to test our neck motion movement daily to make sure we do not have meningitis.
  8. No junker places that we feel as if we will be killed. We are classy ladies, so only classy places.
  9. Always make sure to dress up. As I say…the more sparkle the better.
  10. Girl’s trip to a new city is required each year together, even if we are single or off the market.
  11. Goggle check. Never let girlfriends walk off with someone who is shady…ever.
  12. Go where the wind blows. We only live once; there is no saying now when we go out. Anything that pops up as an awesome/fun opportunity we will take as long as A) Not dangerous B) Not mischievous…again we are all very classy C) Not illegal D) Never regret E)We all agree to do it together
  13. Not bachelorettes. The time will come when we are not bachelorettes anymore. As we go through this journey, document everything through pictures, be each other’s bridesmaids at their wedding, and make sure to stay friends for life. No if, ands, or buts.

Welcome to the club and let the adventures begin.

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