They say running is good for the body, but it’s also good for your soul.  But what I didn’t know was that running could become someone’s best friend until I met Marwa.

I met Marwa at a birthday party for my friend Natasha.  When I first walked in, I remember being a bit taken back because Marwa was absolutely stunning.


As the night went on, her warmth, kindness, and genuine personality added to her beauty.

A lot of the guests were runners and I told her how I just hate running. I have tried many times, but it’s just not for me.  She then told me to try again, she wasn’t a runner at first and shared her story about how running got her through the worst times in her life.

Marwa started running to get through the pain of her mother’s cancer.  When her mom was diagnosed with cancer, Marwa was devastated as anyone would be.  But what disappointed her more was how her friends all let her down.  In the time of her life when she needed her friends to be her support, they couldn’t pull through.

During that time, not only did she loose her mom, but she also lost everyone who she believed was her friends.

She turned to running, as she said, her running shoes never let her down. They were always there with her.  Every morning, she grabbed her shoes and they carried her weight through every battle she has been in her life.  No matter what happened in her life, her shoes shared the good and bad experiences with her.


She started with a mile and as time passed and different painful events presented itself, she added more distance.  It was her escape, running was her sanctuary, and it became her passion.

Years later, Marwa is one of the most incredible people I have had to honor to meet.  She is a fighter, independent, intelligent, a philanthropist, and secret chef at heart.  She has created an amazing life for herself including a successful journalist. But what is more important is that her humility is astounding.

This is a special dinner she cooked for us.


I have only had the pleasure of knowing her for a short amount of time, but she continually impresses me.  One night as I had dinner with her, she had just met the Prince of Jordan.  Yes, the Prince of Jordan and instead of making it a big deal, she took the opportunity to tell us how kind he was.


Another thing that struck a chord was her a post about her date night.  Her date took her to a nice restaurant and a movie afterwards.  We wondered what handsome gentleman was taking our beautiful friend out…but to our surprise it was herself. Yes, once a month she treats herself to a date alone.  What a wonderful idea!

Even with all the blessings that have come into her life and of course struggles as well.  Especially the struggle of being away from her family who are across the world, running has constantly been there.  Running has connected her with some amazing people in her life and she knows it is also the one thing that will never let her down.  Her running shoes, her strength can take her anywhere she puts her mind to.


I hope you all get a chance to meet her one day. She is a person who you can say she is beautiful inside an out.

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