Friendship Gratitude-Sarah aka Chandra

Sarah and I first met at Lyndsay’s birthday party in July of 2014.  I believe the word dance was said and I started to a little move and after that Sarah asked our mutual friend Paolo why he never introduced us before.


Within a minute of meeting each other, it was as if we had known each other for years.  I believe maybe in a past life, Sarah and I were conjoined twins because we are so much alike it is absolutely remarkable.  We have many of the same viewpoints, experiences, and as we struggle with decisions in life, it’s usually around the same time, which I think brings us even closer together.

Over the past two years, Sarah has stood by my side through all the roller coaster that we call life.  There are few people in my life where I can call and tell them something that happened and they just understand it because they’ve been there.


Friends who can support you through every physical and mental breakdown in this day and age is like finding a rare gem in the sand.

I can tell you, our friendship was built because of adventures or crazy memories.  Actually our friendship grew on many nights of conversations, long walks, and I believe together we have both helped each other grow into another person.

Sarah’s life is lead with her heart, which is good as well as bad.  She cares for others much more than she cares for herself. She is the friend that at any hour of the night, if you need her she will be there via text, phone call, or carrier pigeon.  And most of the time she isn’t sleeping, so realistically, she would be the best person to contact.  And because of this, people also take advantage of her kindness and generosity.

I saw this on her page and I think this sums up our outlook on life the best. “When you are born in a world where you feel like you don’t fit in, know that it’s because you were born to help create a new one…”

We have been through so much together. Sarah is one of the few people I talk on the phone with, mainly because she stays up late.  She understands with my daily life, how hard it is for me to keep in contact with people and she appreciates it when I do, but she also doesn’t punish me when I may not write back for a few days.


As much as life has thrown some rocks, avalanches, and lightning strikes at Sarah, she has always had a great outlook and a lot of laughs as she tells her stories.

I love her for her big heart. If she had only one bowl of rice left, she would share all of it, even if that meant she didn’t have any grains for herself.

Here are a few things you may or may not know about our dear Sarah.

  1. She is Bengali and proud of it.
  2. 10612341_10154438900860161_449538395_oShe is a writer and a very good one.  Once upon a time, her play was selected to be placed in a local production.
  3. She is very picky about the taste of water.  She absolutely doesn’t drink tap water.
  4. She is a clean freak about germs, but as for organization, things get messy, but she has organized messes.  You may not get it, but I do.
  5. Sarah is a combination of innocent and borderline dangerous.  She knows how to reach into her inner “Samantha” from Sex and the City when she needs to.12207525_10156083459495161_600211469_o
  6. She loves kids and she will be a great mom one day.12305541_10156145549755161_1447877986_n
  7. She is a singer, even though she keeps it under wraps.
  8. She is a great cook.
  9. She is a huge romantic, even when she is jaded by having her heart-broken time and time again.
  10. She is an artist and she is very talented at doing henna designs.
  11. She has a lead foot and can’t help but speed everywhere she goes.
  12. For those who claim events are too far to attend, Sarah drives at least 2 hours one way to hang out with us anywhere in the DMV.  And she does it constantly without complaining.
  13. It is ingrained in her to host even at her own event.  And many times, even when it’s not her event.10549970_10100324707246161_6330314628791834662_o
  14. She will live and die for her friends.  She believes everyone is good and even when they fool her once, twice, and even a third time.  I cut people fairly quickly, but for 10984544_10100927050026263_7959436819594442918_o10636620_10100252074053661_1761346245800471774_o10862572_10100265897750861_8803908778488243369_o
  15. Sarah loves her family more than anything especially her mom.  She is pretty much the ideal daughter.


Over the past year, here are some of my favorite moments together.

*Starting Henna by Moonlight. This is on hold until she comes back to the DMV.


*Making our first “smash cake” for Sameer.  I think it was the cutest cake ever.



*I always make sure for everyone’s birthday, they have a great picture blowing out their birthday wish. My only wish for my 30th was to get a good picture too and Sarah made sure to take almost 50 pictures to get this one that I love!


*Loving a good bowl of pho as much as me!


*And who doesn’t love Korean BBQ???!???


*How happy she was when we celebrated her birthday at her house.  And the lesson we took away was that those who care will make the effort to come and those who make excuses, it’s not worth it to get upset because it’s better to have a few true friends than a million fake friends.


*No matter where you are Sarah.  You will always have a special place in my life and my heart.  I miss our hours of walking, just spending the weekend at my house cooking at home, and watching Bravo shows or Korean Dramas.  I am very thankful for a friend like you and you kept my spirits up through so many events.  XOXO Panda Boo

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