Savoy- Watch out, she’ll bite you!

“I’m gonna bite you.” Those are one of the most frightening from Savoy’s mouth and when she bites you, it really hurts.  She calls these her love bites, but I don’t want to be loved if it hurts like her bites because they leave scars!

I describe Savoy as a very special spirit and one-of-a-kind. You will never find another person like Savoy in the world, I can promise you that. I mean who else would would make these faces?12484850_1090497174307546_5518206698896918046_o11692769_10100378198753751_7457987503450532046_n10294418_10100265898170021_1509485487689018714_nSavoy is honest to a fault, if you come to her asking for advice, be prepared for a dose of reality.  There is no sugar coating.  She is a tough cookie to crack and she’s not as emotional as I am.  I am much more of a cry-baby, in all our years of friendship, I know I’ve had to lean on her for emotional support, I think I can only count two or three occasion when she’s needed mine.  This picture was taken after her mom had a stroke and she just needed to get away and how do we do that?  Some good old wine and calamari from Bar Louie!1016014_772681272755806_2950311642830650716_o

She doesn’t care to please people and that’s something I admire about her.  She lives her life for herself and it takes her a while to open up to let someone truly in her circle.  For her close circle of friends that you can count on your two hands, she will do anything for them. 12919781_1147325071958089_116325624701565378_n994056_690936977596903_501873645_nAnd if you burn her, it’s over, you are dead to her and there is no chance to come back from the dead.  As she said, the dead cannot rise again like zombies unless they are family.  She has a very special spot for Evan, the baby of the family.241194_10100268802404911_5166170609560249841_oSavoy loves wine like it’s water and when you are around her, make sure not to wear anything white because the more wine she drinks, the more wine she tends to splash on your clothes because she talks with her hands.  Here is her double-fisting some drinks and making me do the same!13323813_10101345407529473_1312937718231409037_oShe can make everyone laugh when she gets in an argument over a topic.  My favorite moment will always be when she was trying to explain to everyone about the “window” when she has to leave her house to miss traffic.

Be careful though, if she has your phone and password. She will post pictures and go through and comment on pictures under your name LOL and only the “boo boos” can tell by her tone.  With this picture, she wrote “YUMMY CHERRIES!”  Those words would not come out of my mouth, but Moon could tell it wasn’t me.13432416_10100545790288971_7962074195682567895_nI love her for being independent, tough, and extremely successful as a software developer and watch as she climbs the ladder.  The fact that she will always be an adult in many ways, but at heart, there are moments we act like we are 18 years old.  And I will never understand your strange fear of slimy things like the stingrays, spiders and heaven forbid a spider.  But she does climb on people though, that is something she’s not afraid of.12963618_10100503774004941_5487599346809670199_nBut if a zombie apocalypse comes, I know you will be there next to me to fight.  Per our plan, I will shoot and you will pretend to be a zombie next to me to distract them.

And Savoy, it was Moon who started all of us calling each other “boo boo,” but it was you who turned us in to the “boobzs.” And all the boobzies will always be there for you. This milestone birthday we had cake by the ocean, and in another 10 years we will do something special too.13626411_10100554686191511_8338952794948577861_nSavoy, it’s been an amazing three years and we’ve grown closer and closer as the years have gone by with our crazy nights out, experiences, and “shopping” dates. As life moves along I hope that you never lose your sparkle because as your shirt says, you don’t sweat, you sparkle.  As the years go by, our friendship will change and evolve in different ways because of life events.  Significant others, babies, taking care of our parents, maybe our own health issues, and of course other obstacles will start appearing, but no matter what our friendship will always be there.

I promise you, I will never leave you when you need me.  I don’t know why you think I’m so funny, but I know you do.  So I guess I promise to always keep you laughing.  I will always be there to capture funny moments in your life everywhere we go. And I promise to always be your friend.  Boobz for life or in your words…Breast friends forever (BFFs).13516467_1200036490020280_7785235855045560864_n

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