Sex and the City: Our Version

wpid-cymera_20140909_133420.jpgI am going to admit, I was a late bloomer to watch the show.

All of my friends watched it when it first came on HBO. I did not watch it until about two years ago, but I think it means much more to me and I can relate so much better now than if I watched it when I was 18 years old. All the girls will still say I’m very naïve, but I guess you can say it’s a blessing and a curse.

I can see why everyone loves the show because we can relate to one character in the show, but also certain aspects of the group. We all have a close group of girlfriends who we tell everything to, who we laugh with and cry with.

One day I was watching an episode where Carrie is dating someone new and they were sitting in the restaurant talking about the relationship. All of their reactions to the situation perfectly aligned with what all my girls would say. And it hit me, I am lucky enough to have that.

Moon, Karen, Savoy, and I all met in a very coincidence like way, but we have become like sisters. Moon, Karen, and Savoy all met through Jay. They all met him at different times through some sort of dating site, dating event, or MySpace, but unfortunately no sparks flew so they all became just friends.


I met the girls through my other best friend Shari, who met him through a dating site. Little did he know all of his dates would end up being best friends along with a random meeting with me? I guess you should say it was destiny. When we go out, we definitely know how to paint the town red and when we are alone together, our conversations will have you rolling in tears.

I am not going to share our convos, but if you could be a fly on the wall, you would just shake your head and laugh. We could be our own TV sitcom for sure with all our opinions and stories.

I think every girl relates more to one of the characters, but we can see ourselves in all of them. I think that is the reason why everyone was/is still obsessed with the show.

Samantha- This is Karen. She is a spitfire and has a fierce personality. Karen is successful, knows what she wants, and absolutely knows how to get it. She is much bolder, opinionated, and has a strong personality. She is a woman who dresses well, knows her self-worth, and she doesn’t let any man walk over her, nor does she let a man control her. She is her own person just like Samantha and she has said time and time again, it will take a very special man who fights like hell for her attention and commitment in order for her to say yes to marriage. But on the flip side, she does have a very romantic side that is more of a Charlotte when the occasion is right.

Carrie- This is Moon. She is very sweet, savvy, and sexy like Carrie. She can be a leader when needed, but in the group, she can also take a back seat. She can play both roles, which is what Carrie is very good at. She is the glue that holds all parties together because she can see all sides. Moon is very level headed; she is creative, fun, and carefree, except when it comes to work. She is a people person just like Carrie and she has a good heart.

Miranda- This is Savoy. Savoy, I already know you are going to say you are NOT Miranda, but I would say you have more of a Miranda demeanor when it comes to situations, but when you get a few drinks in you and are in party mode you become more of a Samantha. But overall, your answers, your actions, the way you view life and pose yourself are much more like Miranda.

Charlotte- Me. Karen laughs because I am very much like Charlotte. I miss a lot of jokes, I’m pretty innocent, and I have this picturesque life that I dream of. I am extra sweet, even why I try to be mean, it’s a pretty bad fail. I’m a romantic, and I want the husband, house and kids. I am the girl who still believes in fairy tales and happily ever after.

So here is our group of girls and all I can say is how lucky I am to have you all in my life. So ladies, if you ever need opinions on a situation, you can hear it from all four perspectives from the “You might not like what you want to hear” to “Everything will be sunshine and butterflies.”


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