I know, I got behind on the blog, but I have good reason. So here is a quick catch-up.

Random Illness

  • After Hotlanta…I guess from too much excitement, I got really sick with my annual case of the bronchi.
  • Right before I left for Utah, I woke up with 100 red dots all over my legs. I texted a picture to a few of my doctor friends and they said I needed to go to urgent care.  So I hauled my butt over there and they took a bunch of blood tests, but since my veins are so little, they poked me multiple times and I passed out.  Unfortunately, my arm is still bruised from the blood draw and secondly I still have some of the red spots remaining.

PhotoGrid_1385835568644Nerd Alert

I have this habit of putting things within other things. When I was home, I found my entire book collection in a secret ottoman.  When I was younger, I loved fairy tale books, after age 20, my entire collection turned into business books.  Sadly, I was not required to read any of these books, they were books given for free from different conferences, especially during my social media days and I’m obsessed with them.  I read “Delivering Happiness” in 3 days.  My new obsession on my reading list is Onward by the CEO of Starbucks.

Utah…Home Sweet Home

My trip to Utah went by so quickly and I hardly got to see everyone that I should have seen.  It’s weird, every single time I go to Utah; it’s as if I never left, but the more I am away from home, the more independent I get.  I love Utah and all it’s greatness. It was so good to see my family and my friends!

I got to see my Victoria Secret’s dog collection and Cindy got me a giant Pez that is now sitting in my office.  Also, the SLC airport has a Café Rio in it now.

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IMAG5143Letters Home

For everyone that is away from home, I actually got this idea from Safe Haven. I know an idea from a chick flick movie?  I promise…this is actually a really good idea and shows you can learn things from a movie!  The more I am away from my parents and the older I get, the more I realize how everything I used to fight against is correct, all their “nagging,” their long lectures, their experiences…absolutely the truth.  Also, the older I get the more I realize how precious they are.  Since I don’t get to see them everyday, I wrote letters for every big holiday or event including my birthday.  Hey, my mommmmmaaaa gave birth to me…so I had to thank her for that 🙂  I wrote all the letters with a date when my sister should give it to them.  It’s a very small gesture, but if you have time, I’m sure it’ll make your parents day, plus it’s a way to be close, even when you are far away.

PhotoGrid_1386493014286-1-1Linda + Going Out = This Asian Not Made For Partying

I am not a partier in general, but I’ll go out and have a great time once in a while.  The girls went out this past weekend and it was a great time because we danced, took pictures, etc…I had one drink the entire night, so absolutely I was not a drunkard in any way. Anyways, we stayed out until 3 AM; I slept until 3 PM the next day.  How is it that all the girls who are 5-6 years older than me are more resilient?  The next morning they were texting asking where I was…Asleep. 3 days later, I’m still struggling.

I met Saaed that night and it’s funny because he was shocked to find out that I have an MBA.  I texted him and said…just because I’ve got a pretty face, dance all over the place, and everything I own is bedazzled, it does not mean that nothing is in my head. Yes it may be small, but there is a brain in there. He laughed and said, he knows, but just did not expect it.  I said this Asian is full of surprises.

Always a Princess

Marcian and I went out a while ago, but at the time I was sort of a space case. Things did not get very far, we went on a few dates and then my texts would become more infrequent.  Well, he’s sort of back…so we’ll see…I guess I am high maintenance…Yikes…IDK if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I like being called princess…haha.


Snow Day- Dec 10, 2013

In my entire life in Utah, I never remember a complete snow day. I remember we got let out early at work because there was a blizzard that would turn everything to ice as soon as it passed.  It’s not that I’m complaining, but seriously?  I had to include the text from Mitch. This is how our conversations go…who would even think of a drunken snowball fight? Mitch did not entertain me before he left…but cannot wait to see him in August with my other bestie!  Anyways, I decided that Linda + Snow Day + Boredom=Trouble.

Here is how I spent my snow day:

  • Cleaned the house and did laundry
  • Wrote all my Christmas cards
  • Exercised
  • Visited Shari at Starbucks
  • Cooked Chili
  • And still I was bored, so what did I do?  Spend the day watching Shark Tank and trying to come up with the next big invention


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  1. Hurray! An update! I’ve been waiting and waiting twin 🙂 I’m sorry you got sick right before you came home, I had no idea! We are such twins. I’ve never had my blood drawn but I almost passed out when I watched my friend get his drawn. Yikes! You went to Sawadee when you were in town?! I live right by it! Wish I had been able to see you 🙁 Absolutely can not wait to see you next month. Love you so much!

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