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Status Update: In search of a man ready to be a husband, father, and friend.

I was scrolling through my newsfeed and a status caught my eye.

Status Update: Wanted: Single Male, Ready to be a husband, father, friend…


I had to re-read it twice.  Wait, was I on Facebook or did I accidently click on an ad?

help wanted for A1 photo package. february 2008.

Forget about and E-harmony, Facebook is the new way to find your future significant other.

The status was from my best friend’s sister, T.  It was very crafty, creative, and the first thought was “has dating come down to this?”  Then, I said, you know maybe T is onto something, she is bringing a spin on the modern day matching-making concept.

It made me think, how did our parents meet people before all the technological advances?

They either met people in school or were set-up on…wait for it…blind dates!  When was the last time you heard of someone going on a blind date?  Not very often.
imagesI asked a few of the people I know in the baby boomers generation.  And their answer was, absolutely we all were set-up all the time through their younger years. Whether that person was the “one” or not, it didn’t matter, it was the experience.  My mom said, her parents, aunts, uncles, friends, even the crazy cat lady down the street knew the eligible bachelorettes and bachelors and thrived on successfully setting up couples.

My great aunt for example loves to play match-maker because it means a potential wedding, more children, and joy in the family.  But unfortunately she can’t set me up because she lives on an entirely different time zone. But she has called my mom stating that she is able and ready for the challenge if I move to California.

People used to love playing match-makers and it’s become a lost art.  It is so much better to date someone who is vetted by someone you know.  I know when I’ve asked my guy friends to set me-up their answer is: A) All men are jerks B) No man will ever be good enough for you C) All of my friends are married D) I’m afraid if I set you up with any of them and things don’t work out, we will lose our friendships.

Answers A-D are useless to single people.

With dating being so difficult, she is using all her resources to find her man.  She is a woman that knows what she wants and finding a path to get there. And what better way than using your own personal network?  I find it so interesting that she did this because it’s the first time I’ve seen someone use Facebook for a personal dating advertisement.  It’s bold, assertive, and it’s different.

Many of the comments said, has it come down to this?  I applaud her for trying and I really hope it works.

I showed my friend and she thought it was genius.  Here is her ad.



For those who don’t have the best luck with dating in general, especially Karen and I have discussed some of the experiences our friends, family, and our own personal experiences having issues meeting strangers online, maybe this will work.  Something has to and if we can’t get set-up the old-fashion way, bring on the Facebook match-making.

Unfortunately, I have no one in my network that meets either of their qualifications, but hopefully someone else will because both are fantastic girls.

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