My neighbor recommended using this mask. She said it made her face feel like a baby’s bottom. I was very intrigued and wanted to try it.

You can get the mask on Amazon. It was only $7 for a small bottle, but this bottle so far has done 6 masks and I think you can probably get about a total of 10-12 masks from it.


I have only done the full mask once, but I’ve made all my friends try it and it really does work. After I did it, my face was so smooth and I could definitely see all the dirt, blackheads, and face hair in the mask.

Here are steps in pictures and I think this might be the only time you all have seen me without make-up…Yikes!

1- Mask


2- Wash your face. I did it after I took a shower because it probably opens up your pores more too. Make sure to pull your hair back from your face.

wpid-20150112_224711.jpg3- Put on the mask. Make sure you fill your entire face and even the bridge between your nose to connect the mask when it dries. The easiest thing I did was outline the outside of the face and then start filling inwards.  Make sure to put an extra layer around the nose.


4- Peel it off. After about 45 minutes, you can feel the face tighten and the mask is dried. Start peeling from the forehead down.  It’s a little tricky around the eyes, just be slow.

wpid-20150112_233458.jpg5- Wash off all the residue with warm water.

Tips for an easy application process:

  • Make sure to wash your face really clean first before applying.
  • The liquid does drip, so make sure you wear an old shirt and do it over the sink. The first time I poured the liquid on my face it got all over the bath mat and it will not come out.
  • Make sure not to get any hair in it, when it dries it will pull it out. I wore a headband and tied my hair back.
  • Do not put the mask close to your eyes, just a good word of advice in general.
  • Try to spread the mask around the face with the same fingers because it is a pain to wash off. It only washes off with hot water…
  • Wait until it’s completely dried to peel it off. I would recommend at least 45 minutes, I left it on for over an hour.

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