Survival Tips to Keep Your Cell Phone Battery Charged…Especially on Vacation

Laugh all you want at this article and the pictures that are going to be included, but it just might save you from missing out on memories.

If you are like me with your cell phone, you never carry a regular camera anymore. I don’t know how we lived without our cell phones, but one of the downfalls is how quickly your battery drains.

You all know how many pictures I take alone, so combine my Twin and me in one place; it’s like a hurricane of flashes coming your way.

Here are my tips that I always do on vacation:

  • ***This is an addition from Cepand. It is the best and easiest tip to save battery life and I can’t believe I forgot it.  The quickest thing you can do is turn off your WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS when you don’t need it.  And as a bonus, I am stealing the language directly from him since I would never be this tech savvy sounding: “turn off any background app refreshes you don’t need. Facebook is a pretty bad offender. These are three pretty big battery hogs.”
  • While on a tour or a place that requires extra signal searching like the swamp or the middle of a lake, turn your phone to airplane mode. This way you can still take pictures, but your battery won’t drain as quickly.
  • Buy a spare charger I always have a charger in my purse.
  • Car chargers- Absolute must have.
  • For a faster charge, turn your phone to airplane mode or power it down.
  • Cell phone battery pack- This is a lifesaver. You can charge your phone anywhere. I also don’t have to worry about my phone being stolen when I leave it somewhere to charge.  I won’t cry if someone steals a $10 battery pack. I got mine for $10 from CVS. As you can see I am charging it from inside my purse.


Here is what a cell phone battery pack looks like. Make sure you read the reviews on all the different ones because I did get one from TJ Max and it did not work and test it before you go on a trip.


  • Charge your phone while shopping- Yes, I did this. While Lisa was shopping for earrings, I hung my phone and charged it. It was an emergency; we needed enough battery life to take pictures at Café Du Monde.


  • Charge while you are eating- First off, I love food porn pictures as much as the next person, but if you miss one food picture, it’s ok. Find a plug somewhere and make sure you face your phone so you can keep an eye on it. Lisa here, put it on top of a small ledge on the wall.


  • Charge your phone in the taxi- Why not charge your phone while you have a 30 minute ride?  Just tip the guy nicely and he’s more than happy to let you plug your phone in!


Whether you admit it or not, we’ve all done this. I’m just putting it in a nice list for everyone.  As Lisa says, first world problems and it’s true. We are very spoiled with our cell phones.

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