Symphony of All the Pieces of Me

Have you ever taken the time to think about everything that makes you…you?

Who you are is created with so many layers and no two people are alike.

Just like my favorite quote:

Each characteristic, experience, and person who passes through your life defines who you are.  Knowing and more importantly understanding yourself is crucial to your success in all areas of your life.


AMERICAN. VIETNAMESE. First generation immigrant.

PASSIONATE. Lover, giver, KIND, and caring. Compassionate, too forgiving, and empathetic. Hard-working, strong, independent, and robotic with self-set goals. HIGH-ENERGY. Emotional, sensitive, and vulnerable. Silly, fun, and CRAZY. Adventurous, impulsive, and easy-going. Honest and loyal to a fault, an OPEN BOOK. Detail-oriented. Financially stable. SUCCESSFUL.  High expectations of people and expect even more of myself.  Very INQUISITIVE.

EXTROVERT. Optimist. Realist. Globetrotter. Excel lover. Financial analyst. Strategist. Blessed with friends and family.  Actually blessed with the absolute best friends and family, especially my parents.

A total OXYMORON. Analytical and very creative. Deal-finder. Shopaholic. Horrible parallel parker. Direction-ally challenged. Easily distracted. Slightly disorganized. Talk a million miles an hour. Ability to talk to anyone. Young at heart, but the soul of a 50 year-old woman. Spiritual, not religious. Free-spirit to an extent and the best planner. Special gifts and surprises are my specialty.   Hobby collector, master of none.  Unfocused in some things, extremely disciplined in others. Love nice things, but no emotional attachment.

Tremendously invested in relationships. Easily hurt by words, loss of any relationship, even a negative one. Naturally quiet and shy, but absolutely charismatic when it counts. Sweet as honey, but if lines are crossed, bitter as black coffee.

THIS IS ME.  THE GOOD AND not so good…

“Love me or hate me, both are in my favour. If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart…If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.”- William Shakespeare.

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