talkingI remember I was speaking with my friend Amir a few years ago about when to have a serious conversation with a man.  At the time Amir gave me this advice, it was to be used primarily for a relationship, but I realized it can be used for all areas of my life.

As I got ready to give a big announcement to my boss at work, for whatever reason his advice popped-in my head.  My old co-worker J kept asking me if I’ve given the news as soon as I got in the building.  I told not in the morning, it’s too early, the boss hasn’t had coffee yet, and he’ll be grumpy.  Then he asked around Noon, I said no, he hasn’t had lunch yet.  I’ll do it right after lunch on a full stomach.

J asked why and I said, once upon a time a friend gave very good advice on the best time to talk to a man.  I sent J the list and he laughed and said, you’ve covered everything.

I realized these are very good words of advice that I should definitely share.

  • Early in the morning, since he just woke up he’s not going to be in such a happy mood
  • On an empty stomach. Anytime a man is hungry, it’s not a good idea.
  • Already angry over something else.
  • Talking on the phone.
  • Trying to finish something else like an email or a TV show because men cannot multi-task.
  • Tired or sleepy.
  • Right after he finishes work and walks through the door.
  • In a public setting, wait until you are in a private area.
  • You are in bed for the evening, ready to fall asleep.
  • When you are having a great date, don’t ruin the moment.
  • The worst is when he’s angry and hungry, which is regularly called “hangry.”download

I remember telling Amir, well that leaves almost a 0% chance that there is a good time to talk to a man.  I’m pretty sure he said something like it’s an art to get the timing right. I read the list again and I say it again, it looks like there is absolutely never a good time to talk to a guy about a serious topic.

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