Men always complain that girls are expensive and high maintenance.  Men just don’t understand that can take a part-time job just to pay off the cost of maintaining our beauty. And when a man says that he does not like you all dolled-up, it’s not always correct. Your presentation is very important in your work-life as well as your personal-life.

To get this one simple look, it’s actually not so simple.  That’s why women need more time to get ready.  And trust me, even to curl my hair like that I need breaks because it gets so hot because I have so much hair.

For just a simple look like this involves the following:20160528_171107Make-up



Snapchat-3653199532112215301Here is a breakdown of the costs and since I’m a financial analyst, so I will break it down frequency and total year cost. I am also targeting a lower price and a very basic routine.  The price variance is quite large, depending on where they go to get their haircuts, nails, makeup, etc… A haircut can range from $15 at Hair Cuttery to $200 at a high-end salon.

I am not even including the amount of money spent on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Beautification Needs

Item How Often Cost Per Visit Yearly Cost
Haircut Quarterly (3 months) $35 $35*4= $140
Eyebrow wax or thread Every 3 weeks $12 $12*16=$192
Other waxes Monthly $50 $50*12= $600
Nails Monthly $40 $40*12= $480
Total Cost     $1412

Make-Up Routine

Item How Often Cost Per Visit Yearly Cost
Foundation Twice a year $50 $50*2= $100
Powder Twice a year $50 $50*2= $100
Primer Twice a year $40 $40*2= $80
Blush Twice a year $25 $25*2= $50
Mascara 3 times a year $25 $25*3= $75
Eyeliner 3 times a year $30 $30*3= $90
Eyeshadow 4 times a year $50 $50*4= $200
Concealer Twice a year $50 $50*2= $100
Total Cost     $795

Hair, Face, and Everything Else

Item How Often Cost Per Visit Yearly Cost
Moisturizer 3 times a year $30 $30*3=$90
Face Wash 3 times a year $30 $30*3=$90
Face Mask 3 times a year $30 $30*3=$90
Body Lotion 4 times a year $15 $15*4=$60
Shampoo 3 times a year $20 $20*3=$60
Conditioner 3 times a year $20 $20*3=$60
Shavers 5 times a year $10 $10*5=$50
Shaving Cream 5 times a year $5 $5*5=$25
Total Cost $525
Complete Total Cost $2,732
*Note: Just to maintain and look beautiful for a year, it’s equivalent to the price of a nice trip overseas or a mortgage payment.  See, it’s pricey to be a girl.

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  1. Great post Linda. As a guy, had no idea! I personally believe that most of this stuff is self imposed to make you feel better about yourself (not a bad thing). I don’t think you need all of this to make yourself look beautiful. From my point of view, I love the natural beauty of a woman (Moon 😛 ). I often tell her not to put on makeup or do her hair. I don’t like it! But I think she does. I view less makeup the better. I think a lot of guys are like that too. But I do think some woman have it harder than others such as skin problems in which a LITTLE bit of makeup might help (guys do this too… I might need more than Moon :P).

    As for jobs/professionalism, I think its true that the INITIAL meeting with people who don’t know you will view you a certain why by how you look, but more so about how you carry yourself. How you view yourself (which is why you put on the makeup for yourself, not others… brings your self esteem up I guess). After that 5 sec, it doesn’t matter (unless you are wearing holes in your pants and obviously not dressed professional).

    But overall… Most that stuff you spend… A waste, in my opinion. Hair I understand can be a pain! That takes forever and there is a lot of it. Don’t see a way around that.

    a lot of time and with smart marketing tricks, I think society has imposed this upon you woman.

    That’s a lot of money 🙁 and agree that’s not fun to do on a daily bases. I would go nuts!

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