On a nice lazy Sunday, I was heading to meet Shari, Cepand, and Adam for brunch. Little did I know that once you go into the parking lot by Founding Farmers, you might never leave due to all the objects from the construction? There really should be some type of sign warning you that once you go in, maybe you’ll never come out.

I promise you and Shari can attest, it wasn’t just my car. We noticed that there were other cars with flat tires too.

When my tire went flat, I had no idea what to do. So of course, it’s Adam to the rescue. He is such a good guy.

I never really cared to learn how to change a tire but after this experience, Adam told me it would be very beneficial for me to learn and I agree.

Here are a few things he taught about changing a tire:

  1. The spare tire is hidden in the trunk.
  2. There is a jack already included. I told Adam when he arrived; I don’t think I have the thingy that lifts the car. He’s like all cars nowadays have a cheap, but workable one.
  3. Yes, you have to get on your hands and knees and look underneath for the metal plate to put the jack. Don’t put it anywhere else or else it will ruin the car.
  4. To find the whole, listen to the noise. Shari and I became pros at listening for where the air came out of the hole. And…You put your finger on it to stop the air from coming out. Who knew it was that easy?!?
  5. Pumping the car up is a lot of work and not really easy. It takes muscle.
  6. You can put some putty or seal to fix the hole. In my head I thought, great…I have to get new tires, but nope, some sticky stuff and it’s fixed!

Thank you Adam for rescuing this damsel in distress because I know you had much better things to do like wash your hair than fix my tire, but I really appreciate it. And of course I document everything.

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