Lays did a fantastic job of getting everyone excited over their 3 limited time flavors. I certainly fell for the frenzy!!!! I wanted to find all of them and it was a hunt.

S joined his crazy chip driven girl for the entire hunt even though I am sure he was embarrassed at times. I would ask the grocery store when they were scheduled to arrive, I even called Lays to see if they were in my area.

After 2 months of hunting I found all 3 flavors… Here is my journey:

Here is my ranking of the new flavors:

1-Siracha…I expected it to be super spicy but it was not really. It tasted a little bit like spicy nachos actually.
2-Garlic bread. It tasted very cheesy and I loved it, but it was not super flavorful and sadly not close to garlic bread.
3-Chicken and waffles. One word…confused, depending on your taste bud it tastes sweet or it salty like chicken. Not my fav… Your mouth has no idea what it wants with this flavor.

I am proud to say I tried all 3 flavors and even prouder to say that I love Doritos nacho cheese and cool ranch the best. I personally think Lays cannot compare with those and the new flavor just did not live up to the hype, but YOLO… I found all 3 and that’s what counts.

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