The Highlights of my 2017

As 2017 is coming to an end…As I’m reflecting, it has been a very eventful year.  Here are the highlights below:

  • 2017 started off with Lisa on a whirlwind trip. Together we conquered 16 countries.  And with my short time off, I got to go on a few more to explore a few more, making the final count as 22 countries for 2017. We celebrated New Years in Malaysia and my birthday on a flight from Cambodia to Thailand. Click on the picture for a link to our Youtube video.
  • Went on my first solo trip. Realized I am not made to travel alone.
  • Noi’s Wedding. Lisa and I got to attend one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever seen. Thank you Noi for letting us be a part of your wonderful day.
  • Gaps in your resume happen. I’ve always been a long-term employee, but unexpectedly left a job within a year and started a new one. But the lesson of the year per Savoy and Karen, no one looks out for you, but you.  When they don’t need you, even if you gave your heart and soul to the company, you are still replaceable.
  • Got robbed by a Baboon in Africa
  • Had the brakes go out on a hill in Costa Rica.  And guess what?  We STILL lived
  • Attended my first Comic Con thanks to Amitai
  • White House Visit. After 5 times, got to make my mom’s dream come true by getting her into the White House.
  • Dating. Finally after a few years, for a very brief stint in my life and when I say brief, I mean months, met someone who made me learn to put my walls down and that even if it doesn’t work, it won’t kill you. You’ll move on and it doesn’t always have to end on an ugly note.  And you learn the red flags to look for next time…
  • Let it go. Closed a few loose ends nicely and learned that you don’t always have to hold on to things because you feel obligated.
  • Friendships. Gained a few new friends, tightened my bond with so many of my existing friends, and cut ties with a few friends who were more toxic than healthy.
  • Pruning friends. Lost a few guy friends and learned that the older we get the harder it is for guys and girls to just be friends
  • Reunited with Sawaiba. Got to see my best friend Sawaiba 3 times in one year and the best part…I saw her when she was first pregnant, near the end of her pregnancy, and I was blessed to be able to meet my little baby nephew when was about 2 months old.
  • Randomly saw an old friend on the streets of Madrid
  • Got a lucky chance to see the infinite Mirror Exhibit
  • Discovered the Artechouse in DC and the interactive exhibits
  • Watched the first of the original “boo boos” have our first little niece
  • Fights happen. Had a few first fights with some dear friends and ironically our friendship has grown even tighter since then.
  • Sarah’s back. Having my BEST FRIEND move back to the DC for more adventures in life.
  • Who knew thank you’s would mean so much? For a period of time, I got flooded with thank you notes from people who I just talk to and give advice. I never knew that the little bit of time I gave them could make such a big difference.
  • No hard feelings. Learned the meaning of truly forgiving someone and letting go.
  • Night at Echostage. Went to my first concert since maybe 22 years old because I hate them…and it was an EDM concert as well.
  • And got my first Safety Inspection Rejection.  Yes, 2017 didn’t want to end without giving me one more kick in the pants, but that means 2018 will be super amazing right?  What started off as just routine maintenance turned into a 3 week ordeal and more than $1,000 in the hole.  For whatever reason, my VSA module went out and in order to get my safety inspection passed, I have to have this fixed.  I went from place to place getting new opinions, but they all said the same thing, but they also said this doesn’t happen often for a new car like me, so they have to call the tech line to figure things out.  When I told Honda that I got a lemon and how did a chip break?  Three dealerships could not answer.  I will call this a wash and some bad luck, but things could be worst.

It will be less than 24 hours for me to kiss 2017 good-bye.  Cheers to a fresh start, more happy memories and laughter in 2018.


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