All of my girlfriends always talk about “the spark.” It is something hyped up like how disappointing the last twilight book was.

How many of you watched “he’s just not that into you?” Ok so that movie exaggerated a few things, but overall it is the truth.

The spark does not really exist, the spark is called compatibility. You grow to love someone based on their actions and not an imaginary spark. If someone says we have chemistry, well that’s only physical and it will end in bad news…which could possibly include a visit to the clinic. We all have eyes…we know when someone is hot like Zac Efron, learn to say no. Being attracted to hot men who are players is a bad addiction…somewhat like drinking. It feels good at the moment, but not so good when you wake up randomly in front of 7-11 passed out, robbed, and lost, with a hangover. (True story of an acquaintance.)

My advice for real love… Girls say no to douchebags and give the nice guys a real chance. I am not saying there are not nice guys who can’t be mean in a relationship, but the chances are less than an affliction wearing hottie telling you the room lit up the moment you walked in.

Nerds are hot in their own way. They are super intelligent, nice overall, and stable.

Look at Leonard on big bang theory. Sexy….

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