I was reading this article about things women must know or have by 30.

  1. A big girl purse. This is so true…purses are such a reflection on someone’s style. So make sure to pick a good one. I would love a Louis Vuitton like this.  S thinks it’s ridiculous to buy this, but he’s a man, he’ll never understand our love. 
  2. A pair of sexy heels. This is for you…not the man.
  3. A beautiful and age appropriate dress that you can throw on if u get asked a date or someone offers an interview for your dream job in an hour. You never know when opportunity knocks.
  4. A primary care doctor.
  5. Having a 5 year and 10 year plan. This is true because success is attributed to striving for goals. You may not reach all of them, but at least you tried.
  6. Knowing your self-worth.
  7. Seeing past a guy’s pick-up lines. My dad has always told me as a girl I have to protect myself and never trust a man completely until it is serious… Aka a ring on my finger. I agree with this whole heartedly. Girls. Guys will say anything when they are trying to pick up a girl. Know when to walk away whether it is the first date or a 3 year relationship. Listen to your friends when they have a bad instinct and listen to your own instincts. This is a fabulous commercial to prove this point.
  8. Having your own hobbies. No matter how busy life gets…make sure to add things you enjoy to do.

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