I am glad I made this choice, but here are some of the things I miss about my old life:

  1. My family.  The hardest part about moving away is leaving my family. I miss seeing them every day.  I know people think it’s so weird that I would want to live at home, but if it was up to me…I would live with my parents until I got married or I died. I would hope I get married before I died.  My parents are so fabulous, plus they give me a TIVO room to myself and 3 closets. What more could a girl as for?
  2. My friends.  You cannot find the friends that I have there.  It’s much harder to find lasting friendships here.  If you want to see someone to hang out, you don’t need to make a 3 week reservation to do so.
  3. Cost of living.  It’s so much more expensive to live here.  I came to the sad realization that for the house that I would want to raise a family in would cost about $1.7 Million in DC/VA/MD compared to the $600,000 K in Utah.  Plus the homes in Utah are built much better.
  4. Driving to work.  It’s impossible to drive to work with traffic here.  There is never a time when there is not traffic

The lack of customer service, I guess caring in general.  There are just too many people out here that good customer service is hard to find.  I am sad to say that my favorite store Macy’s fails 70% of the time here compared to UT.

I wish I could tell you that my life is extraordinary, but it’s not. All of you should know if you are truly close to me, my world revolves around 4 things:
1. My Family
2. Friends
3. Food and sweets (LivingSocial and Groupon has made this obsession worst)
4. Shopping, shopping, shopping! I guess more specifically shopping for DEALS…

Again, I wish I could tell you that I am saving the world, but it would be a lie if I did. But it’s what makes me happy.  I could be obsessed with worst things that are more harmful for me, but because of my love/hate relationship with cooking food and eating delicious food, I have to go to the gym more often as well.

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