On June 29, I headed out to Macy’s with the intentions to see “Ted,” you know that talking teddy bear movie.  We got distracted in the sale racks for some nice shirts for S, so by the time we got over to the movie theatre, it was busy.

Every show for Ted or Magic Mike was sold out.  The theatre at Tyson’s was completely full and previews were just starting when BOOM, thunder.  Then all the power went out.  The storm caused outages for nearly a week for some people.  My house was out for 2.5 days and it was miserable.

We decided to go over the McDonald’s, duh…cash only.  Well, apparently, S and I are just super lame.  We had a total of $6 in coins.  Yes, we could barely afford a few chicken nuggets.  It was so embarrassing having to go dump the change and count it…Most of what I had were nickels, dimes, and pennies.  Later on S asked if I had enough for an ice cream cone or a McFlurry…I said IDK!  So he dumped out my coin purse and started counting.

300 pennies later…He had a McFlurry.  The cashier looked like he was going to kill S.  I just laughed, if he wanted ice cream that bad, he can have it.  My buddy Idalia laughs because only I would take out a camera to capture an embarassing moment like this.

What did I learn from the storm???

1-Always have your gas tank halfway full in case you have to escape…There were stations out of gas.  The ones that had gas were backed up close to ½ a mile.

2-Have candles and flashlights at all times.

3-Keep bottled water at your house.

4-Keep at least $50 cash because even some of the ATMs were not working

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