To everyone else

Honesty is the best policy in my book, but no one wants to be rejected, even nicely.  To all the others I dated who may not understand why I let go. I think I have dated enough to last a few lifetimes.

I’ve been lucky to always have good dates, but some only make it past round 1.

I have always given a reason why I wasn’t ready and some of that also included the fact that I was just too busy having fun.  I wasn’t ready to make space in my life for a person.  With that, I have heard everything from silence, guilt-trips, and name-calling, and obnoxious statements like the fact that I was lucky, the guy would have broken my heart anyways.

When I say it’s not you, it’s me.  It truly was me.  I remember meeting Adam out with my friend Des at a happy hour, he was the first guy that took me out after my break-up.  He was so nice and stable, I should have dated him.  But I just wasn’t ready and he wanted tie me down after three dates.  Looking back, there was a bunch of nice guys that I “should” have dated.

I wasn’t ready to commit, I just broke up, I just made a group of new friends, and I wanted to have fun.  If it wasn’t endless parties, I was really busy with work. My hours were crazy.  In between that I was trying to work on my health issues after the accident and part of the recovery was being high on life.

Which meant, trying to live life to its fullest.  Traveling, focusing on family, friends, and making memories and unfortunately a lot of those memories don’t include a +1.

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