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To my First Real Love

I just moved with dreams of making it big in the East Coast. I was out after a late night painting the town red with my best friend. Our night led us to a hookah bar where I met S.

When we met, I just got a low paying job to stay in DC. It was not glamorous. I was sharing a room with two other people and I did not even have a car. S didn’t care. He loved me when I was in the worst transitional stage in my life.

I had just graduated my MBA and wanted make a big change. I left my stable job at the bank where I was for 7 years and moved to DC with two luggage like a gypsy.

Everything just fell into place. On our first date, he had sold his car and was waiting to pick up his new car from the dealership.  I told him it was fine to postpone the date.  He was determined to see me the weekend he met me, even if that meant having his dad take him to a car rental shop to pick me up.  I took the metro up to see him and because I was new, I didn’t know it ran infrequently on the weekend.  He kept asking if he should pick me up and I said no, I’m fine.  Well, that fine turned out to be 3 hours later and never once did he get mad.  I remember I said sorry so many times and he told me not to worry, he will wait for me as long as it takes.  I guess you can say I made a great impression for a man to wait 3 hours for me.

It seemed so easy to be together at the beginning. He drove over 50 miles one way several times a week to take me to dinner. Even with the distance we were glued at the hip, very few guys would drive 50 miles each way to see me 4-5 days a week.

At that time, most guys thought I lied about a boyfriend because I went out to all type of social events, parties, and traveled.  But it was because he worked nights on an engineering projects literally in the desert two weeks a month.

We were each others first serious relationship. We made a lot of mistakes, but even with all the mistakes we were happy.  We were happy doing anything together.  Everything was fun even grocery shopping. Our favorite thing to do together was cook and go to Costco.  And he made every effort to be with me and what I will say is that he could not have been a better boyfriend.

He valued my gifts, he cried when it was appropriate (manly tears), and he knew how to handle my tears when things got hard, when I didn’t know what I wanted in my life.  He did everything to try and make me happy and I did as well.

There wasn’t games, lies, or manipulation, we knew everything about each other and still chose to stay. I joke because his phone was my phone and my phone was his.  If someone could not get a hold of me, they messaged him.  We just opened our hearts, our hands, our trust to each other without blinking an eye.  He introduced me to his friends, he met my parents, and eventually he met my friends. In the end, issues outside our control tore us apart, his own cowardliness, inability to make his own decisions, or decide on his life.

Even though the ending was not amicable and we pretty much threw oil into a fire pit and burned the relationship down, it taught me a lot of what and how someone should be treated and the right person would have stayed in the end.

It just wasn’t the right person, the right situation, but the love was innocent and real for the both of us at the time.

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