To the last one

13173714_1180377655338263_7638467066087874546_nAs they say being someone’s first love is great, but to be their last is a love with no boundaries.  Marriage isn’t without hardships and rough patches, but with the right person you can make it through it together.

The idea of love is not enough for a couple to survive, not all marriages will have a happily ever like a Disney movie.  In today’s society, the value of a true partnership is becoming less and less of a priority. The expectations are high and the rate of return isn’t equal, so many are opting either to be single or have something casual.

I still believe that a happy long-term relationship is possible, however it takes a lot of hard work to stay together and I am lucky enough to have great examples like my parents. Some people are lucky enough to meet their lifetime companion after a few dates, while some, myself included are on Season 10, episode 12.

I don’t know who I’ll end up with and I guess that’s part of the adventure of life. When I will meet you, I hope you know that I’m going to have my walls up. I’ll try to tell myself not to question everything and choose to believe, but I know I’d be lying.

I won’t open my heart to you immediately, it’s been broken once too many times.  I am not going to integrate you into my life, invite you to events, and introduce you to my friends until things are serious.

I hope we last, but for the lessons from all my prior relationships. I don’t want good memories tainted with remnants of our relationship, I don’t want to have to delete photos of me because you are in it, and I certainly don’t want you to have the opportunity to keep ties with my friends when we end.

I will hesitate to say yes to every date.  I will hesitate to trust a word you say including the fact that you say you love me.

It’s nothing against you, it’s just because I’m completely afraid of being hurt again. I do believe in love and that’s what keeps me going.

13102756_1195352173874813_2166975593042409402_nI won’t be easy to catch, as one date said, I’m like a butterfly.  But once you do and I choose to commit, I will do everything I can to make you happy.  I am extremely loving, caring and loyal to a fault. I will make every day exciting, fun, and full of adventure. I will budget our finances so we never worry about money, but enjoy life to its fullest.

I am that girl who will have a nice meal ready for you when you come home, but at the same time I have my own career, hobbies, and life.  I can make friends with anyone and I truly will be that person who cares about your family.  You can take me to any event and I’ll be the life of the party.

See you at a later date (TBD).13173815_1196901253719905_7245488341589395006_n

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