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Undateable 101

All the girls laugh at all my dating stories because technically I should be thrown in the un-date-able category.

I will fully admit it; I would not date me at times, actually not at all. I would honestly be like who is this girl and just fade out, but oddly, it has worked. I think with just the few questions, you can see what type of person they are. It also gives you a really good idea of their values and you can see some deal breakers before jumping into anything and get emotionally invested.

Like I have said I am hard to love and it takes a lot for me to love as well. I used to love unconditionally and overtime, I have put up a chain link fence with electric wires, maybe some shot-gun posts as well. Moon told me the other day I need to let myself be vulnerable.

I was talking to a couple of my friends and they actually think it is genius what I do. So I told them my steps, plus it keeps it is a safety measure to see someone’s intentions.

Here is the weed out class syllabus:

  1. Wait one month for a first date. I think the longest someone waited was 3 months. I think why I do this is because I would rather get to know them before spending the energy for a first date. Plus, if they put that much energy into getting a first date, it weeds out those who are just looking for a good time.
  2. Asks them if they know their Myers Briggs, if not, I send them the link to take the 80 question test. To date, no one has refused.
  3. I ask them if they know what a whale shark is and if not, they better Google it
  4. Where they have traveled to and if they are adventurous. I mean I need someone who will jump out of a plane with me without hesitation, but they can tell me when it’s too dangerous.
  5. I watch a lot of Millionaire Matchmaker, so I ask them why love now which is what Patti asks everyone on the show. I am so shocked that all of them honestly answer it and I will tell you every guy is essentially looking to find someone compatible.
  6. Talk about their parents. I have said it over and over again; I am the kind, ambitious, sweet person to date because of my wonderful parents. I am also a strong believer in the family unit because I grew up with two parents, who are still in love 30 years later. I absolutely think that how you were raised plays a large role in how you view marriage, kids, etc…
  7. Do they have a bucket list and what’s on it?
  8. Do they approve of Disney because I love happily ever after…? Julio once told me never to say that and hide it, but meh, it’s a part of me I should never hide as well as my love for Hello Kitty. I directly tell them that I have an old soul. The other week, I was lecturing my mom and dad about the dangers of Ebola and how they should prepare and also that they should get their flu shots because 53K died from complications last year. My dad told me to enjoy life, stop watching the news, and relax because I sound like an old person.
  9. Last but not least, are they a deep sleeper? Why do I ask? Because I snore really badly, Jessie called me a monster, and others like my Twin take the opportunity to record me. So, if the person is a light sleeper, it is a deal breaker right then and there because if I get nervous waking them up from my snoring, I can’t sleep and then I get more tired, and the snoring gets louder. Yes, it is a vicious cycle. The best solution is either ear plugs or you are a deep sleeper.

I am not saying this is the best approach, but my girlfriends just love it. And…as odd as this sounds, most of them hear this and tell me what I consider as flaws are adorable?!?

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