S and I celebrated our first Valentines.  I can’t believe I’m being this mushy, but hey what the heck. It’s Valentines!

Since S and I live so far apart and with traffic, it takes him close to 2 hours to come to my place during rush hour on a weekday.  We talked about celebrating Valentines over the weekend.  After work, I got a phone call from him asking where I was.  I told him I was just getting off the metro.

I went home like normal, but when I opened the door to my room, there was a bump in my bed and he flung open the blanket and yelled surprise.  He had just gotten there a few minutes before me, so he jumped in the bed.  FYI-My room is doesn’t have any places to hide and under the bed was not an option.

S took me to Shamshiry, it’s one of the best Persian restaurants.  It’s located in Tyson’s Corner.  He also got me this cake, but no roses…sad.  I guess once I mentioned a story about my mom being sad because all her orchids that my dad gave her died, so he got her 5 of them and told her this should last her for the year.  Unfortunately, she killed all 5, so he did not get me one and the cake instead.  But he learned, all Valentine’s Days should include flowers.

Instead of buying him something tangible, I created these IOU’s for an awesome date that he can use when he wants.  Also, since he “misplaces” things, I sent it via email in a PDF.  He loved them and it was much more practical!

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