Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment is not on my list of top museums to see before I die, but for 50% off from Groupon, why not.  I got S this along with a Living Social deal for a Vietnamese restaurant for Valentines.

I actually ended up really enjoying the Crime and Punishment Museum.  If you are interested in something a little bit different, I would recommend this going for an afternoon.  To make the most out of it, you have to participate in all the activities including pretending to be in a line-up.

S has not had the opportunity to go to different museums like I have, so he had such a great time as you can tell from the pictures.  Our fav was trying to crack the safe.

Viet Royale

I introduced S to Vietnamese food, so that he can start relating to my culture.  I created a monster.  He is obsessed with Pho.

For a true Vietnamese person, the best pho is at my mom’s house, but Viet Royale was good too.

Overall, the restaurant was clean and well run.  The restaurant was not crowded during the time we went, but you could tell they were trying to rush you to order, which is one thing I do not like.  First off, I’m not very decisive on food because there are so much delicious things.  I always like to look at all my options.

I would recommend the crab and asparagus soup along with the spring rolls to start.  The soup was very tasty and the spring rolls were extremely fresh.

We had the seafood Pho.  The amount of seafood was plentiful and the broth was very good.  The Pho was cooked well and they did give a lot of vegetables.

We also got what is called “Shrimp Vietnamese Pancake.”  I was trying to introduce S to something new.  I would not recommend this.  Usually this is supposed to be a very light entree; the pancake should be thin with a lot of fresh vegetables.  I was very disappointed; the pancake was really thick, a little bit burnt, and extremely greasy.

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