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Wait…What’s your name and is there any way you can change it?

I met this guy named Sam, he’s Pakistani. I thought…ok, I’ll give him a try because obviously Persians did not work out, so maybe a Desi.  I mean at hookah bars, you are going to end up meeting a Middle Eastern or a Desi.

Our first date was supposed to be last Thursday at 8 in Tysons.  Well, I completely forgot.  It was a hard day at work and I was in my PJs by 8 watching my Million Dollar Listing when I got the text asking where I was.

I felt so bad, I called him and he asked if we could reschedule for Friday.

We were supposed to meet at 5:30, I did not show up at the sushi restaurant until 6:30. Again, I definitely know how to impress a man.

We had a great dinner, but for some reason, in the middle, I asked if Sam was his real name. He said no, his real name is Suhail. In my head, I kept saying SUE-Hail…ok maybe I can deal with that. MAYBE, but seriously?!?

Here is our conversation:
Me:        How do you pronounce that?
Sam:      So-hail
Me:        With an “O,” not “U” sound?  Are you sure?  It’s still an O in Urdu?
Sam:      Yep…O
Me:        Let me text my Paki friend to make sure.
Sam:      You don’t believe me? Why is that a problem?
Me:        Nope…I’ll just call you Sam.
My brain:             Really? Seriously? What are the chances? I can’t do this.  I have to go.

I told my Paki and my Persian friend this.  Both parties agreed it is just BAD luck. Suhail and Soheil are not very common names in either culture.  After our date…I could not go on another date with him. Next please…

My bestie Sanam sent me this.  Apparently, God thinks I am a super bad ass that this coincidence happened.


2 thoughts on “Wait…What’s your name and is there any way you can change it?”

    1. I know and sadly…he was not as fun as my old Soheil. He lectured me on getting enough sleep, drinking too much coffee, etc… TAKE ME AS I AM!

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