I thought after a month, I would have so much more control over my emotions, but I realized I don’t.  I never understood all my girlfriends who cried over random things that reminded them of their ex boyfriends.  I just joined the club. To be honest, even a trip to Costco is not the same anymore. I randomly busted out crying on a date. Yes, a date with an extremely handsome man.  I know…it was very embarrassing. 

The morning that Soheil ended things, we were watching What Happens in Vegas. We never made it past the first 15 minutes before we fought and our relationship went downhill and he left for good.

I never thought I would ever have to see that movie again. Unfortunately, fate has a very cruel way of throwing things in your face. 

We were flipping through the channels and my date asked if we could watch What Happens in Vegas. What was I supposed to say?  No, that movie brings back horrible memories of my ex?

We start playing the movie and we get to the part where Cameron Diaz surprises her fiancé with the birthday party.  I just started crying.  My date had no idea why.  I had to tell him my eyes were dry and I just need to get eye drops.  He held me as I ran upstairs to get my eye drops, but honestly, it was because I just keep thinking, and what if I did not open my mouth that day.   

We finished the movie and he asked for another date, but I have never experienced tears out of nowhere.  What can I say, I am a HOT MESS!  That’s why I keep telling people I just want to date and they don’t listen to me. 

Someone who is open and ready would not cry over random things like this.

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