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Ways to Get Fired by a Girl

wpid-img_105827697984312.jpegAnytime a man does something that makes you say “wow” and you tell Karen, she will either say, um boo give him another chance, but that’s few and far between. Most of the time, she will say he’s fired.

From all our conversations, here are ways that you can get fired. As a man, we advise you to avoid all of this.

    1. Commenting on her style. Unless she is an absolute slob, this is not your department.
    2. Making ANY comment about weight.
    3. Calling her trampy in any way.
    4. Too many expectations. Take a seat men, no one is perfect. You love someone as is if they want to change, they do it at their own accord.
    5. Taking a day to text back a line. No one has time for that game and at that point, this subscriber is no longer in service.
    6. Not making any effort. Just because you have a girl’s interest doesn’t mean you have her. You have to put effort in to keep the girl’s that are worth it.
    7. Breaking a promise.
    8. Not being aggressive enough. There is fine line between being a stalker and being bold. But call us old school, but it is definitely the man’s job to initiate the relationship before the rest can fall into place. The man should make the move.
    9. Having too many of his boys around ALL the time. Every guy needs his boys, but if they all are in their 30’s acting like they are 18, well, good luck trying to get them to be mature.
    10. Having too many girlfriends around. As Karen says, you never know if they are friendzoned into #99 out of 100 or in the top 10. You can have friends of the opposite sex, but when you have 100 good “girlfriends,” eventually no one will be cool with that.
    11. Be a gentleman. It’s important to have someone who is respectful to everyone. The man, who doesn’t pressure the girl to do anything she doesn’t want to, opens the doors, lends him your arm as you walk down the street, or fixes your car when it breaks down. When a man loses that and becomes a jerk to say it kindly, you are double-fired.
    12. Commitment issues. Don’t send mix signals. You can’t meet each other’s friends, do couple things together, and give the girl a house key but then can’t give her a call? Good girls will not stay around for that and when you realize it, it’ll be too late.
    13. Treat a girl like she’s an option. She said it best where men have to make a girl their priority. People make time for things they value and show interest.
    14. Clingy and needy. She calls this being thirsty. In her words, there is interest and there is suffocation.

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