Welcome to Miami- Congrats Ann-Marie!

MSnapchat-3031646781027402212iami, a city that is full of life and as one person said, what Cuba will look like in 20 years.  And it is also the bride’s favorite city.  One thing that I found very interesting was that I was the minority, a lot of people, especially at the stores and restaurants barely spoke English and my Spanglish is horrid.

When I booked my ticket, the only person I knew was Ann-Marie.  Ann-Marie and I met about four years ago through mutual friends at Thunderbird.  Over the years because of our busy lives, travels, and life in general, we’ve always kept in touch here and there.  As she said, I whisk through her life randomly and the last time I whisked through, I sat in her car at Central Park.  As she asked about love advice with her current situation, I shared my heartache at the time and that I promise there will be better. I promised her that if she does the best for her life, which includes letting go, it will open up room for something else to come in.


So when she got engaged, how could I not go?  Little did I know, 48 hours later, I would walk out with a new group of friends as well as someone who I became besties with for a
variety of reasons.

Here is a breakdown of our insane weekend. Who knew you can do so much in 48 hours.


Miami Beach Resort and Spa: Click here for prices.

The hotel was fantastic, especially the continental breakfast for $19 per person as well as the lobby!  The lobby is absolutely stunning. One thing we have to warn you about is that overnight parking is expensive, but what can you expect in Miami.


Being a Tourist:

Miami Duck Tour– We loved the tour. It was $40 per person for a 90 minute tour by land and sea.  We got to go around the city and learn about the area. Then we literally drove into the ocean to go see Star Island.

Nikki’s Beach– This is an exclusive beach with cabanas, lounge chairs, and even a secret celebrity sighting or two. The beach was clean and the atmosphere is nice for a relaxing beach day.  We got a Cabana, which wasn’t directly located on the beach.  The cabana ended up costing about $400 because you had to buy a bottle, but if you want to be close to the beach, you can also just pay $20 for a lounge chair there.


Bella Cuba– This place was recommended by the tour guide.  We just had a cortadito and Karina had a mojito.  My coffee was $2.20 and the mojito was $5.  Karina said it was the best mojito she has had.  The place is smaller and quiet, but the drinks were great and I’m sure the food is too. The prices were affordable and the portions from what I saw were very large.

IMG_20160205_223632 Snapchat-1189155687755979023

Versailles– This is one of the oldest local spots in the area for Cuban food.  The portions are large, the food is delicious, and it is always crowded.  We started off with of course a cortadito and each got a plate.  We had so much food that the three of us could have shared two plates.  And Ann-Marie got us the crème Brule, she said it was the best.  For me, it was very good, I’m not sure if it is the best I’ve ever had because I still have many more years of crème Brule tasting before I can confidently say yes, but it’s really good.  This place is a must.

Down and Dirty Tacos– Karina and I ran across this by accident.  We were waiting for Ann-Marie to pick us up after the tour and we were getting hungry. She told us to get a snack before dinner. I spotted a sign that said $.99 tacos. Karina was like there’s no Taco Bell?!?  When we went over, sure enough this place had unlimited pork or chicken tacos and they were delicious and such a steal!  Our phones died, which is why there is no picture.

Larios on the Beach– This is Gloria Estefan’s restaurant.  This is much more of a tourist type restaurant to go to. The food was good, but you were paying for the name.  It was overpriced, but the atmosphere was good. You feel like you are eating dinner in a club.  The service is also good as well.

Perricones– This is an Italian Restaurant. Ann-Marie is so funny, she doesn’t know the name of the restaurant, but I’m here to help my readers.  I loved this place. When you enter, it’s a café where you can pick up baked goods, wine, and food to go.  When you sit down at the restaurant, it is like you stepped into a green house.  I loved the setting and the food was very good.  Ann-Marie comes here for the bread, but I think all of their food is good and the price is reasonable as well. There is also valet for $6 if you eat there and get the ticket validated.

Moon Thai– This is a mixture of Japanese and Thai.  I would describe the food as modern. There are fusion items there that you would not find at other places.  It’s a little far out of the way in Coral Gables, so I would recommend it if you have time, but there are plenty of other restaurants close to South Beach that you can enjoy as well.  Again, my phone died, so all we got was her birthday ice cream!



Coconut Grove– This is more of a local area with a large amount of low key bars.  The crowd is definitely different here. One of the places we went to, we believe that Ann-Marie and I were being solicited for a threesome, but we just thought they were nice.

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Mangos– I loved Mangos. The music was great, the crowd was more energetic and the show was fun too.  Just beware that the place does charge a cover, we were able to negotiate with the bouncer to let 8 of us in for $20.


What does a Bachelorette Party involve?

  • A fantastic bride


  • Sexy ride

12654365_10153753803005673_4019403926861322961_n Snapchat-1597394791456133479

  • Group pictures of the girls


  • Dancing

Snapchat-8726632585723313234 Snapchat-8931779883997103908 Snapchat-8931779883997103908 (1)

  • Presents
  • A little clean fun with some challenges

12592655_10100473804449171_2634505035916412242_nSnapchat-2506793909279234509 Snapchat-472554153422631485

  • A night to dress to impress


  • Photobombs are bound to happen


Top Memorable Moments:

  • Being fired, rehired, and put on probation for my poor directions.  Here are several examples of why we got fired.  The day Ann-Marie got there, she picked up Karina.  As they were driving, Karina stopped giving directions and Ann-Marie asked what’s next.  Karina said, “I don’t know, my phone died.”  And so when she picked me up, I got hired on, but after realizing I am the same way, I got fired too. Then I got rehired to be the DD, but the next day I was fired again for saying turn right, but pointing left. Ann-Marie also realized I get distracted too easily to be a good navigator.


  • Trying to fit 6 girls into a beetle.  Seriously, look at how well we stuffed all the luggage in this tiny trunk.

12662035_10101321241518478_5189513685392391221_n Snapchat-5112635671586428390 (1)

  • Ann-Marie falling asleep with the cell phone on her face.  I can’t help, but take pictures.


  • Finding Dash by accident.  Karina and I wanted to find the Dash store, but when we got dropped off, we Googled it and it said permanently closed.  Well, after 3 hours of walking around South Beach waiting for Ann-Marie, we stumbled on the store and what I can say, it is very overrated. The prices are outrageous for clothes that are nice, but not $200 for a bathing suit nice.

20160205_180031 IMG_20160205_223821


  • Ann-Marie and the Uber Driver.  Once the bride was ready to go home, we had to all get into an Uber. Ann-Marie sat up front and she asked the Uber driver why he was so serious.  He did not laugh at all and she asked how long he’s been a driver. He said 4 months, she’s like that’s why. Then she was talking about going to the pool at night and reached to cover his ears. She said, you shouldn’t hear this and you know where we are staying.  Again, never did he even crack a smile.
  • It takes talent to take a good jumping picture.


  • Lina giving a married man a love note.  We were at Nikki Beach and one of her dares was to give a note to a married man.  He was so excited to get a note, but before he opened it, we watched as he asked his wife.
  • Anja getting a phone number from a sexy waiter. Karina and I witnessed this as she did this dare. Anna didn’t do it in front of the group, but secretly.  At Larios, we looked up and our sexy Cuban waiter slipped something in her hand.  Way to go, he was a hottie.
  • Having a random man twerk so hard that it flipped my dress up.  Yes, this happened. I was just standing there and this random guy came up and started twerking. He was twerking so hard that it was knocking me all around the crowded dance floor.  When I tried to move, somehow his butt would follow.  Even everyone in the crowd was watching as he was pushing me in circles while twerking my dress up.  It was a challenge not to fall and to keep my dress down, finally he stopped and asked if he was hurting me. I said yes. He said we need a code word, I said it’s too early for that and he looked at me and said, I’m never seeing you again huh?  I said nope and walked off.
  • Ann-Marie recognizing the girl’s laugh from another room.  Ann- Marie was on the floor waiting for the girls, when all of a sudden she starts tapping on the room. I said what are you doing? She said I can hear the girls!  And yes, the girls were right next door.  It was the best surprise!
  • We nicknamed Ann-Marie Emoji because she makes these silly faces.


  • Being called the saddest bride ever. I am not a party girl, even though you all may think so. At around 1 PM, my feet hurt so badly, so I had to take a time-out.  I was sitting on the stage and a group of women came up and said, “Don’t do it.  Don’t get married.  You are the saddest bride I have ever seen.  This is your bachelorette and you are just sitting with a sad look.”  I responded to tell them, I am not getting married and it is because my feet hurt.  They all said, “Thank goodness. We were worried with how you looked that you were making a big mistake!”  LOL, it takes a lot to be deemed the saddest bride ever without being a bride. Here is a picture that Karina took of me as the saddest bride.


Congrats Ann-Marie!  We had a great time together and thank you for hosting all of us even when it was your own bachelorette, but what else should I expect from an amazing and caring person like you.  You are wonderful in every way and I’m so glad you finally found your soulmate.

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