1456085_285400811609510_1455250482_nThis blog post is dedicated to Eric and Moon. Eric and I were talking and he was saying how he understands why men are attracted to a personality like Moon and I because we are not the typical girl.

We do as we please, independent, and we pass the clingy test. He said he tested Moon at a party to see if he dropped her in the middle of a party with strangers, what would happen? Most girls would be needy and stand by your side and he ended up being the person checking up on Moon as she made friends. I am the exact same way. We can make friends with anyone.

So Eric was trying to understand how to be with a free spirit and really did not know what one was. He Googled the definition of a free spirit and how to be with someone of our personality type.

After his research, Eric has declared that we are a hybrid-free spirit. I mentioned, yes society views a free spirit as one of those bohemian, back-packing, tree hugging, go green, don’t care about my looks, floater that cannot hold a job. They move from place to place like a gypsy, commit to no man, and have no real relationships. It’s definitely not us, but I think being a free spirit is about the mindset, but sure, I’ll be a hybrid-free spirit.

That’s what I wrote in my rebuttal to the article, “Don’t date a girl who travels.” We are planners, we have jobs, and we are normal people (well, relatively…), we just live life to the fullest. Click here to read my rebuttal “Why you should date a girl that travels.”

The best quote to describe people like us. “Some birds are not meant to be caged; their colors are just too bright,” by Morgan Freeman.

According to the Dictionary: A Free Spirit is a non-conformist.

Moon and I are pretty much one in the same. Except she is wiser, so she can give smart advice to me when needed because if I am about to make a mistake, she has already made that same one somewhere haha. Why reinvent the wheel?

397536_291752750974316_2144715108_nHow are Moon and I alike? We are the following: Passionate, extroverts, talkers, lives each day like it’s our last, dreamers, travelers, easy-going, caring, kind, adventurous, committed to a fault, explorers, independent, and we multi-task non-stop and we don’t sleep much. Savoy hates that about us, she says we need to sleep. But Moon is a million times better at sports than me.  She is the total package, she is pretty, smart, funny, and she can play sports, I’m just good at being the cheerleader on the side.

And for those who take a special place in our lives, friends, family, lover, we would do anything for them and we will be there to support you through every obstacle, achievement, and big moments in life.

If you called us at 3 AM and said, I am at the hospital, our first response would be which one, who do you need me to call and I’ll be there in 15 minutes. While we speed, trying to avoid traffic cameras, we would be dialing everyone who needs to know on Bluetooth and trying to semi-fix our hair at a stoplight.

Of course, I am going to talk about Myer’s Briggs here. I am obsessed with it. If you were a true free spirit, you would be an ISFP because you love exploring, embracing new things, and activities. These personalities are considered the “Ultimate Free Souls.” Well, that’s where I differ; I am an ENFP, which is spontaneous and optimistic. Moon is an INTJ which is considered the most independent and an extremely rare personality type for women.

10154082_295603640589227_1415969228_nEven though this is the first hybrid-free spirit that Eric has dated, I will tell you that he will never meet another like us haha. But it does take a special person to handle us. We are a ball full of energy and a hand-full. We have a lot of love to give, but we need the same amount. Anything bad that happens, we can always say, “Meh, it could be worst.” All I have to say to a man that falls in love with us in hashtag style…#Prepyourself #blesshisheart #goodluck #lifetimeofcrazyadventuresandstories.

7 Reasons Why Being a Hybird-Free Spirit is Awesome

  1. Makes life interesting… it will always be an adventure
  2. Pushes your limits
  3. Makes you smile…ALL THE TIME
  4. Don’t care what you or anyone else thinks
  5. The most passionate and kind-hearted people you will meet. We would give you our shoes if you needed them (Shirts or pants would be very inappropriate).
  6. Lots of wonderful friends
  7. Love fully without reservation

1002651_291482291001362_1237812402_nHow to Be with a Hybird-Free Spirit

  • Let us be- You don’t need to know our every move. But if we love you, you have nothing to worry about. If we don’t, then there may be a problem…we will go to the next thing on our list of things to do before we die with or without you.
  • No hard rules- Rules make us cringe and we don’t really follow them.
  • Passion is not a bad thing.
  • Ultimatums are never good- We feel like we are caged. Trust me, we will flee.
  • 1512353_717108065027569_1734249281_nWe are not perfect, accept it
  • Only subordinate in one area of life.
  • Reassurance is needed- We love being told how you love us.
  • Love us as is- Um…we have our quirks, don’t change us. We won’t change.
  • Live in the moment- Learn to be one of us. Just sit and enjoy.

For the men who will date or are dating a hybrid-free spirit, I hope this helps you understand, love us, and keep the fire-burning for a very long time.  But we do need you to tell us not to walk on that ledge, take a selfie with the tiger, or jump off a cliff.

Eric, I hope you got a better understanding of Moon from this. XOXO



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