Ahhh…good old Meyers Briggs. All of us MBA or those in the “business” field hear this all the time. But all of you should take it in your life and FYI…your results can change through your life

I took it and it was pretty much very reflective of who I am as a friend, family member, lover, and how I am professionally.

I would not take everything to heart, but it really does peg me for who I am and honestly, I wish I had taken this seriously before dating.  My best match is someone with an INFJ or INTJ. It makes sense…An ENFP is so friendly and free that they need a more introverted person to balance them out.

Mike said it best that the reasons all my dates are failing right now is the fact that most of the men I am meeting is from networking events or out. An introverted person would most likely not approach me there. Maybe that’s why I tend to seriously date people in the science or engineering field.  Two business minded people may not be so good.

It takes about 20 minutes, but here is the link. http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

Here is a summary of what my personality type is (ENFP)- http://www.16personalities.com/enfp-personality

As a whole:

  •          Curious
  •          Idealistic
  •          Mystical
  •          Insightful and empathetic
  •          Very charming, social, which makes ENFP’s very popular and influential
  •          Energetic
  •          Very caring and takes time to understand and listen to others
  •          Interested in freedom and doing what they like
  •          Serious and passionate
  •          Does not like to be center of attention, but somehow becomes one???

Friendship and Family:

  •          Cheerful
  •          Sincere
  •          Open minded
  •          Interactive
  •          Intuitive
  •          Be a good support system to their friends
  •          Very caring

Relationships and Dating:

  •          Imaginative
  •          Flexible
  •          Enthusiastic
  •          Always coming up with new plans and ideas
  •          Very devoted and reliable partners
  •          Always will to do whatever to make the relationship work
  •          Very spontaneous
  •          Inconsistent and erratic
  •          Passionate and emotional
  •          Very romantic
  •          Do whatever to make the other person happy


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  1. I looove being an ENFP. Now keep in mind these are preferences and you could definitely have a businessperson who’s an introvert and balances you out.

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