imagesEveryone has been talking about this blog post “Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels.”  My Twin sent it to me first and I’m sure you’ve seen it posted everywhere on Facebook.  We are both travelers and I discussed it with my Twin and I told her I really don’t agree with everything. 

We both love her writing style…it is fantastic. The article is witty, funny, true for those who are totally the free spirit, wandering the earth backpacking type, but many of us do not fall in that category.  There are some really funny parts from a man’s perspective and truth, but I think it’s actually beneficial to date a girl who loves to travel and explore (I am one). 

As they say… in life it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with. With that said, make sure you fill your life with fantastic people to travel with and onto why you should date a girl that travels.

A girl who loves to travel is like a breath of fresh air. We are naturally dreamers.  We have no limitations in life; we live as if we will die tomorrow, but dream as if we will live forever.  We are passionate, loving, open-minded, well-cultured, positive, and a lot of fun.  We will make you love people, because we have a lot of friends.  We love to meet people when we travel and talk to everyone.  We live in the moment and fly by the seat of our pants.  We are free spirits and do not comprehend the word no.  We would be great contestants on Survivor because we are resourceful and we can deal with any situation that arises during our trip, except maybe being eaten by a shark. I only know that you poke their eyes, but at that point, will you still be alive to poke them in the eyes?

Most of us, not all of us do have steady jobs in order to pay for our heart’s desire of traveling.  As we go through our daily routine, we count down the days until the next big trip. If we do not have a “next trip” planned, we dream of the next vacation on the bus, at the gym, at the local Starbucks and text people asking who will join.

Our life is composed of a million memories, experiences, and adventures created through our travels. We are independent, great planners because we have to get the details of the trip, visas, and our tickets booked before we can enjoy the new place. We should have all been  born to be budget analysts because we know how to pay our bills and travel on a budget.

A girl who loves to travel knows how to pack the essentials, but look fabulous doing so. A trip is about the memories and the pictures, so we always dress to impress on trips, which equals amazing pictures.  We are well put together, yes we are opinionated, and we do want someone in life who can keep up with us as well.  That part is completely true. 

It may take more effort to lock down a girl who loves to travel, but once you do; your life will never be the same.  Date a girl who loves to travel because she will make every day an adventure. She will be passionate about you as much as traveling, she’ll mainly be the planner and you can hitch along for the ride, she’ll make you throw any A type qualities out the window and make you become a total B type personality.

She will make you laugh with all the crazy stuff she has done, the people she has met, and the interesting stories from her trips. She will open your eyes to things you would have never thought of doing, like swimming with a Whale Shark. She will plan her world of traveling and include you in all her adventures. She’ll make sure you experience life as much as she does.  She will push your limits and make you say YES to things you would never do on your own like sky diving.  Her happiness and love for you will be expressed in seeing your face and excitement as you travel and experience cool things together.

She will make traveling become a part of your soul, a part of your routine, and like a tattoo, when you meet one; a girl who loves to travel she will forever be imprinted with you. If you do fall in love with one be ready for a lifetime of adventures.

I will include a warning label:

Dating a girl who loves to travel does have a few downfalls. We are very energetic and it’s hard to turn us off. We are hardly home because duh, we are traveling. We dance to the beat of our own drum. We are easily distracted and yes, we expect a man to be able to be as adventurous as us or be willing to let us go on the adventure.  We will not seek your approval before doing something, we just do it.  We make last minute plans, we do get bored easily, and we don’t truly understand the concept of danger.   If you are the type of person who gets angry if things do not go according to plan that is the only time I will say…Do not date us. We will drive you crazy because when we travel, we have a semi-plan, but again we live in the moment, we will steer off course if we hear of something more fun or awesome. Like I said, we go where the wind blows and we always go with a smile.

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