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What’s on my Dating Checklist…Whale Sharks

dfsdfBack in the day, one of my really good guy friends (Julio) made fun of me because I date the SAME exact type of guy. He self-assigned himself my social life and dating coach because he was a “social scientist.”

At the time, I joked and said, absolutely not, I am diverse, nope…history always repeats itself in my case.

One day back when I was 22, Julio wrote up an entire dating list and I found it the other day and we had a good laugh because nothing has changed. The only new thing is my obsession with whale sharks, but other than that I have not changed since this list was created.

With that said, all my girlfriends and I bet that the “right” guy is going to be completely opposite of anything on this list.

My type:

  • Usually some type of engineer, but mainly electrical engineers.
  • Drives a BMW. For some reason, always it’s always a BMW. I’ve dated a few with Mercedes or Audi, but always some type of luxury car, which is funny because I am happy with my CRV.
  • Extremely nerdy. I once asked one of them how much they loved me, the answer was 1/0. Sure, not like the sun and the moon, or as endless as the ocean…1/0.
  • More introverted. I think this is because I’m such a people person, so my partner balances me by being less extroverted.

 My dating questionnaire:

  1. How much do you love froyo? Is pistaschio your fav?
  2. Do you love to visit college campuses because I do!
  3. Do you like Ferris Wheels? I love them!
  4. Do you love Starbucks? If so, what is your usual order?
  5. Do you know who Hello Kitty is?
  6. Do you love Pandas? It’s a must, they are so cute, who doesn’t love pandas?
  7. Would you swim with the whale sharks?
  8. Do you have a YOLO list?
  9. Do you love adventures? I’ve asked a few this and they ask what type? I think they are looking for another answer…because when I tell them hiking, kayaking, river rafting…they get a sad look.
  10. Do you know your Meyer’s Briggs?

Isn’t it sad that froyo and Hello Kitty are on that list? But if you know me, it should not shock you.

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