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Why Everyone Needs a Passion

wpid-img_24338624249466.jpegHave you ever taken a step back and asked if you are a passionate person?

If so, what are you passionate about? Being passionate creates drive and direction for a person.

It is the reason to be ambitious, to be good at something, take care of the people around you, and to love.

Passion can be depicted in so many ways. It can be tangible like loving to paint, dancing, or playing an instrument. You love to create something that other people can enjoy. Some people are passionate about their opinions: politics, religion, or current events. For some people, it is related to sports and that’s perfectly fine.

Passion can be a good and a bad thing. When people are too passionate I think it can create tunnel vision and a lot of arguments, but no passion is even worst. Everyone needs one passion in life. I am a very passionate person, which I fully admit I am way too much at times. So at times, I have to control my passionate side.

Karen and I were talking about how important passion in a relationship is and for your life. She thinks it is so important to have passions of your own and have passions together. In Karen’s words, if you have no passion, you have no drive and she apologized, but they will not be passionate in the bedroom, which is crucial to making a relationship work. Let me reiterate, it’s not everything, of course you need to be compatible, but passion is important too.

Without that piece of passion, two people can fall into a friendship versus a partnership. There are so many relationships that start off well and as years go by and the passion fades, they become comfortable together, but they don’t love each other nor are they happy. They are just living.

Here are my passions in a nutshell: Traveling, exploring, trying new things, capturing moments in pictures, making my parents happy, and building relationships with my friends, and making things look pretty. If it can be bedazzled, it will be bedazzled…Trust me. I would also say I am passionate about the stock market, finding deals, and shopping.

Those are my personal passions, when you move into a relationship, you start building passions together (other than physical passion), but I think they go hand-in-hand. Passion makes a person keep things exciting, keep the relationship fresh, and it also helps both of you grow together.

I look at my parents who have been happily married for 31 years. They spend every waking moment together. The reason their marriage has been so happy, they are passionate about their kids. That is their soul passion and purpose. Polly mentioned her passion is the kids too.

Mitch’s parents are extremely passionate about collecting turtles. It is something that they love to do together. They enjoy finding turtle themed things together. It is a special bond they have.

Sydney’s parents have a group of friends that they go tailgating during college football season. They buy season tickets, they love going to the tailgates together, watching the game, and dressing up in their Ute gear.

Enough examples, you get the picture, but I never actually thought about my question until this topic came up. Take a moment and think about your personal passion(s). If you are in a relationship, think about your passions together and how you can reignite the fire as cliché as it sounds.

Live a life full of passion and no regret.

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