So people who have messed up break-ups have their TV show like LC on Laguna Beach…I was thinking, I should too!

S broke up with me out of nowhere. He just let me go. He did not even fight to keep me, to make it work with us. He just walked away after I gave him my heart. The audience would gasp.

A week later after hearing nothing, I chased him down and sat in front of the gym and surprised him to get an answer. The audience at this point would definitely have mixed emotions…either wondering if I was bat sh$& crazy or applauding because I deserved an answer.

This was one month before we were supposed to go on a trip to Cancun. When that week came around…I was a hot mess.  The audience would literally say…wow…this is not the Linda we all knew.

1 month later, he decided to date this girl who we both knew and was dating another person. She pretended to be my friend via FB, claimed that she told me everything out of honesty, and she even made me believe that we were going through the same pain.  I even tried to help her by making a pac to forget both our men because that’s the type of person I am…Too trusting.  She was telling me the following just a few weeks before:

  • S was trying to forget me.   She told me that trying to get him back is not what he wanted. He stopped loving me; he used to love me, but no more.  That he could not see a marriage or a future with me.
  • I deserved better and true love. She even told me she was going through her own pain, that her boyfriend kept cheating on her and she needs to date other people in order to forget him. Little did I know a few weeks later, it would be S.
  • She told me her boyfriend and her have been on and off for 2 years and that he cheated on her and she broke up with him.  That she was going the same pain as me.  I was an idiot and told her how sorry I was and no one deserves to be cheated on.  She said somehow she sourced it and even though she loved him, she has to start dating others.
  • I told her I would even go out on the town with her to help her meet others, but I told her cheating should never be accepted and that no matter what…S was the most loyal man and in our two years neither of us was unfaithful.  Both of us were faithful to each other to a fault.
  • I even told her that even though S and I did not work out, that he was always such a good boyfriend when we were together.

If this was a reality TV show…at the moment this all happened, they would gasp and probably be in shock yelling at the TV, do not believe her!  They would all throw popcorn at the TV at this moment.

After S told me they were dating, the girl decided to be crazy enough to send a slew of text messages to me to rub salt in the wounds even more.  She wanted to “clear the air.” She basically messed my head up pretty bad.  Everyone who I have shown these messages to be like wow, she is heartless to do this after S broke up with you.  The audience would probably have a few bad words to say at that moment. It was probably like the moment in Laguna Beach where Jason broke up with LC and dated another girl.

Then I was so angry that someone would have the guts to send the ex-girlfriend all these messages, I forwarded to my friend and even told her how crazy she was and that S said he’s giving her 7 days to work out. Unfortunately, my phone sent it back to her.  Whoops.  The audience would be laughing because it was a total accident.

In her text messages, she said the following:

  • First off she called me “dear Linda.”  Seriously?  You call me dear?
  • Said at first they exchanged numbers since they were partying together. She had no intentions of dating him.
  • S asked her out before she met me, but after she met me she told him that I was so nice and she liked me. She would feel bad dating him. He told her, he was trying to break-up with me and trying to look for someone who he could really love/like and be happy with and she was looking for the same.
  • S and she were trying to work things out and see if they can make this work.
  • S and her dated after S clearly broke up with me and she thought it would be a good chance to move on from her ex otherwise she would keep forgiving him for cheating. She said she could stand to be lonely and who knows that it will work with S and if it doesn’t she will at least forget her ex because she was addicted to him.
  • Still claims that she was honest with me about everything and truly wants happiness for me.  She even said that if she was not dating S that she would tell me to not waste another 2 years with someone who does not love me. I deserve a better future with someone who does love me.

*FYI-I held my tongue, but her spelling was horrible and she could not even spell Soheil’s name right.  Cheating is not the same as chatting. and there were a few times she just said S. I am the only person who has ever referred to him in my blog or FB as S. It makes you wonder.

I have no idea who to believe. I do not believe that S would ever cheat on me, but these few texts have made me question everything.

Either way, these text messages left a huge emotional scar on me. When I read these it makes me cry and flood gates open. I kept thinking how can he love me and all of a sudden stop?  Did he really ask her out before he broke up with me and how did I not see it in his phone?  How could he try to make this relationship work with her so quickly instead of putting more effort with me after so long?  How does she know S did not love me?  How did she know our relationship?  Did S never love me in 2 years?  How do I even know what love is if S did not love me because I never once doubted his love until now. I don’t know anymore.

For me, I turned down all options to be with him. I stopped looking because I loved him so much. We were so happy and got along so well. When I dated him…I had no baggage. How can he go for someone who has baggage, who does not love him, who is trying to get over her ex while dating him?

This does not help, but I wonder if she is as sweet to him as me. If she makes his lunches for him with notes, have coffee ready in the morning, calls him sweet nicknames, loves him for all his quirks and makes him laugh non-stop. I wonder if she’ll go to Costco with him each weekend, spend hours wandering Target to let him wander through the aisles, and listen to country music while he pretends to be a cowboy.  Find amazing deals for him in the mall and ensure he always dresses well, take him to new places and events always on a discount, and make him do new things and be an adventurer and travel to new places. Will she make sure he gets home safe after a crazy night drinking?  Will he laugh as much as he did with me (all the time), will he take a million pictures with her?

The audience would totally feel my heartache and pain as I spent weeks crying at night over these text messages. They would probably be asking these questions too.

I don’t remember when but later, her ex tried to add me as a family member on FB. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe it was not. Either way when my heart is a little better, I’ll make sure to ask to have him delete it. I want nothing to do with this fiasco. Um…first off, I spoke 3 sentences to you. I only became friends with that entire group because of S. Secondly, just because our ex’s are dating does not mean we are family. Thirdly, is there an option for “your ex screwed me over and dated my ex after we were broken up for a hot second?”

Seriously…where is my TV show to capture all this ridiculousness.  Not that I was not crazy to chase S down at the beginning of the break-up.

I would rather be alone, single, and live a free life and not commit than feel like I’m feeling now. Being sad over losing your partner, your companion, and someone who took care of me is heart breaking. I don’t want to go through that ever again.

Now…Who wants to buy my story and turn it into an MTV movie because all this is my real life?

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