Why Only Short People Can Understand My Struggles

Being short has its advantages, but a lot of times there are a lot of disadvantages. Tall people -You will never understand.

  • Tall people = long legs. Trying to walk with you is difficult. Each of your steps is like 3 of ours. We have to hustle our booties to keep up with you. Please take that in consideration, especially when walking in heels.
  • Yes, I’m little. I don’t need to be told time and time again. I’m reminded each day when I can’t reach something. I have a tall bed, I have to literally hop on it each night.
  • Don’t pretend you can’t see me. I hate this. People just don’t watch where they are going. The worst is the metro or crowds where they thing because you are little, they can smash you against a wall or around you. I always want to tap them and say…Um…Hi there is a person here. I personally don’t want to be standing directly below your armpit, no offense.
  • Sometimes, I really can’t see you. Our line of vision is straight. I can see you far away, but once you are closer, it’s hard to see you unless I look up.
  • Grocery shopping is always an adventure. They need to put the step stools for each aisle, so I don’t have to resort to climbing things or use long sticks to get what I need.


  • People can’t hear you.   This is a real problem, especially at work. I’ll be having an entire conversation with my boss or co-workers who are 6 feet for a few minutes, all of a sudden they look down and say wait were you talking to me. I have to poke them now and say I have something to tell you.
  • Chopsticks are our best friends. I use chopsticks for everything, eating, mixing, and reaching for things.
  • High-five. Not funny. No matter high I jump, I can’t ever reach.


  • You have to hem everything. Buying pants is a pain. Petite length ones always cost more than normal pants even though they use less material. When you buy normal size pants, you always have to hem everything. Why can’t things just fit?
  • There are a lot of empty shelves in your house. I know in my house, my entire top shelf is empty in the kitchen. If I can’t reach it without jumping on my countertop, I’m not going to put anything in it.
  • It’s hard to see over the steering wheel. It’s really difficult to see over the steering wheel when you are short and you have to sit really close to it. You become really good at guessing where the front is. Back in driver’s ed, I actually had to sit on a phone book. I have now upgraded to a seat pillow. Getting an SUV though, changes everything. You can see so much of the road.
  • You always have to be in front of the picture. I guess this is good and bad because you are short; you always have to be in front so nobody blocks you. For some reason, I still bend when I’m in front as if I’m blocking someone. I guess secretly I think I’m tall, but in reality, I’m not ever blocking anyone.


  • I’m a monster. Sanam always says that around me especially when she wears heels. She will turn to me, pat my head and say you are so little. I’m a monster next to you.  Both her and Karen have always been in awe at how small my shoe size is as well.  They say, your feet are SO tiny.
  • Fresher air. Izzy who is 6’2″, yes more than a foot taller than me said that the air is better up at his height.  It’s probably true, but ignorance is bliss. I don’t know what it’s like, so I don’t know if it is better air or not.
  • Weight is not forgiving. Being short means you are more compact, so when you gain a little bit of weight it shows. Tall people have more room to disburse the weight, we don’t. If I gain 5 lbs, you see it in my face. If I gain 10 lbs, you see it all over the place, more than 10 lbs…meet my new friend GYM. I’ll be spending many hours with him, don’t be jealous.
  • High heels just make you normal height. Adding on 4-5 inches to 5’1” makes you average height. I have come to terms that I will never be considered tall.


  • Long dresses will never look good. We are short, long dresses make us even shorter and drown us. I get so jealous when I see someone with a beautiful maxi dress on. I want, but sadly I can only look, but I can’t have.  Look below…No matter how high of heels I have on, my dress will still be dragging, which means as my mom says, I’ll be sweeping the floor clean everywhere I go. Gross.
  • wpid-20141005_143725.jpg
  • Cute vs. Sexy. Sadly, cute always wins. Well you know what-sometimes, I just want to be sexy and not cute, but in people’s head, they relate shortness and tiny things to being cute.

But there are benefits of being short:

  • Easily maneuver crowds
  • Escape easily if needed because we can be quick and no one can see us
  • Hide in small places
  • Never worry about being pressured to be good at basketball
  • People usually feel bad and put your carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment as they watch us struggle.
  • Guys usually never let you carry heavy things.
  • When you can lift a big box, people are so impressed because it is half your size.  It makes you feel like Superman!
  • People don’t really yell at us. We’re so little, they feel bad, especially if you give a sad face like the one below. Paolo says not very many people can say no when they see this face.


If ALL fails and you still struggle with the fact that you are short? Remember this!



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