Why You Can Never Re-Create a First Love- But That’s Not Always a Bad Thing

You remember your first love, the boy that swept you off your feet. The one that did everything for you, picked you up at any location, and the one that made sure every big moment in your life was celebrated. He was the one that made you feel beautiful even when you cried those really ugly tears.

He was the one you thought you would be with forever because at that time in life all you knew was the concept of happily ever after.

When you meet your first love, you never thought twice about telling them your name, background, quirks, etc…

Your heart was a blank slate, it was pure and had all the room to love. It was so easy to become each other’s world. You weren’t afraid to share every thought, experience, dream, and open your heart to them, to completely trust them.

It is a time when you never hesitated telling them anything even if it was ridiculous. You felt free, you felt loved, and you felt like your life is an endless musical.

It was wonderful. Then things ended for whatever reason and you got your heart-broken.

13320359_1052124391529545_3855558016875267477_oThe possibility to love freely and openly is now gone. There will always be a small scar on your heart, over time it will fade like the memories. But the next time you meet someone, you will not be so quick to open up. You hold a little back, make them work a little harder to earn your trust.

It doesn’t mean that you loved your first more. All your loves after is a different type of love, a deeper and more meaningful love because he will have to jump through a few more obstacles.

Being someone’s first love is very easy because neither one of you didn’t know anything else. But to be someone’s last love after getting their heartbroken to find you is the best kind of love.

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