My friend had told me to watch this relationship video on YouTube and it totally clicked why S and I have such a hard time understanding some of our actions at time.  When they say men are from Mars, women are from Venus, there is no lie.

S and I overall have a pretty smooth relationship, some of our fights are over little things like me sending him a picture of a cookie and then eating it all without saving him a piece.   But there are just things that I do and he does that are just bizarre.  For example, how women talk out their problems to the point where men are confused what we want.

One day, S and I were at dinner, I guess I said something that confused him.  I told him that I’m pretty clear. He said, “I understand food, it is either delicious or not delicious. Linda, God made women and even God does not understand women. ”

The sad part is this video shows how true S’s statement was, this relationship expert shows how men and women are wired differently.  It’s a great video because it explains how a man has a “nothing box.”  Women have no such thing, so it’s really hard for us to comprehend.  We cannot ever turn our brain off, but men can and the best thing is I had the exact conversation with S at Virginia Beach.

Two weeks ago, we had spent the morning taking about a 2 hour walk along the beach.  At first we were chit chatting and then silence.  So after a while, I got a little concerned and this is how the conversation went:

S: Walking calmly on the beach holding my hand

Me: What are you thinking?

S: Nothing.

Me: Seriously, what are you thinking?

S: Nothing, I’m just enjoying the beach

Me: You can tell me what you are thinking. I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Then the awkward silence started…In my head, I said, “Why won’t he tell me what he’s thinking?  Maybe he has a big problem or he’s stressed with work or his family.”  In S’s head, “Ahhhh, I love the beach.  It’s such a nice day to walk.”

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