Sanam…The wind beneath my wings

Sanam aka my partner in crime, gym buddy, emotional rock, fellow cupcake lover, and best friend.

***We both are also obsessed with Starbucks.

I have known Sanam since I was 19. That seems like ages ago. This girl has
watched me grow from a book worm into the person I am now.

I think everyone who finds out that we are best friends sort of laugh. We have
a lot in common, but also a lot of things are different too.

Sanam is naturally stunningly beautiful, so when we go out, men just swarm to
her, but she never lets it get to get head. Me….I am just a goofball. She
does not talk much and does not share her emotions. She is definitely not an
adventurer either. I am complete opposite…I will talk to whoever.

But for some reason we really connect as besties. We laugh, have great
memories, and she totally loves me when I am a space head like getting lost or
losing stuff. She is also very protective of me.

She also loves to play tricks. I know…she does not seem like it, but very
much so. I will tell u the worst trick she ever played on me…she told me in
the sorority house when she sprained her ankle that the ghost Donna pushed her
down the stairs. Yep…I could never stay there because I have such an
irrational fear of ghosts. 6 years later…I found out she lied and just fell.
Wtf…I spent years believing that story.

I love her because she truly is the friend you can count on. She is the friend
you can talk to about anything, go crazy on the town with, but also have a
movie night with.

Thank you for always being my best friend, emergency contact, and the person I
have had so many hilarious memories with. Including 3 years ago when I came to
visit Ashburn on a whim and never has life been the same again.

She is one of the besties where I will cry as she gets married, our kids will
play with each other all the time, we will do pedis each week and laugh about
our hubbies, and thank goodness with our good genes…age very well together.
I hope she knows how much I love her.


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