3 Days in LA- What to see??!??

I have never had such an urge to be a tourist in LA, but I was asked to make a schedule for someone who doesn’t know the area. After I made this schedule, I was so jealous I told Lisa I wanted to go.

She said the same thing as me that she never had an urge to go either, but after I told her about the agenda, we both are just a little jealous, but let’s be honest here, our adventures are pretty epic. LA would be fun, but not as epic as Cancun, Honduras, or being in the mini-submarine!

If you head to LA, here is a quick rundown of the plan. Very few people can keep on a tight schedule like Lisa and I. We don’t go to places to party, we get as much tourist and cultural things in as possible, so you don’t have to follow this schedule, but if you want to get the most with 4 days in LA, take a look here.

I booked their hotel at Hotel of Hollywood. It was a central location and it included free breakfast. It is not the nicest hotel, but it wasn’t horrible. For a 3-Star hotel, my friends said it was clean and the breakfast was very nice. I booked their rooms for $74 a night + $24 a day for parking.

If you stay there for 3 days and want to be an ultimate tourist, getting the Go Pass is really worth it. It’s only $179 for the 3-Day Pass and it includes LegoLand and Universal Studios.

There are over 36 things included in the ticket. The only downfall is that you have to get in by 5:30 PM every day, which is probably how they make their money because people do not fully utilize all of the attractions due to time constraints. There is a tour of Sony available, but when I called, it was booked 5 months out, so if you are lucky, go ahead and book it as soon as you can.

Here is the spreadsheet I created to get a good idea of places to go and see.  Click here for the Los Angeles Travel Guide.




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