Dachau Concentration Camp

Europe it is a beautiful continent filled with rich history. Some are very positive while other periods are extremely dark.


One of stops that I will never forget is to one of the first concentration camps.


There were 33,000 deaths accounted for, but when the camp was invaded all the records were burned. It is estimated there could have been up to 100,000 deaths.


This is the first thing you see when you enter the camp is a door that says. It means work will set you free.


Take a second to think of how that sign was the first and last thing many people saw. Those who were deemed weak were killed instantly such as the elderly the disabled.


Throughout the camp, you can see the gas chambers along with a museum listing all of the horrible atrocities that happened. Hitler ordered medical experiments such aa


This is free to the public. It is kept as an education camp along with a symbol never to repeat history.


In the camp, you can see exactly how the Jews  were tortured through that period of time.

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