Did you know that Stone Henge?

A lot of people have asked if it is worth going there?

My response is yes. Just like any other world wonder, slowly overtime the material deteriorate and one day it may not be there.

Stone henge is about a 2 hr commute from London and there is not an easy way to get there. It is in a very rural area.

What is the best way to get there?

You can take the train and then a cab or walk two miles.

Book a bus or shuttle.

Book a day tour with multiple stops like Bath and Windsor Castle.

I would recommend a day tour to include multiple stops. It is not much more and you can see places that are not as easily accessible.

The tours fill up fast so make sure you book it before you arrive.

Is it true that is it just a bunch of stones?

When I tell people this is on my bucket list, they say it is just a bunch of stones.

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