Goodbye S4, but I will never forget you. Hello S7…

I’ve had a really hard time letting go of my Samsung Galaxy S4.  It’s been having issues with the battery life for a few months, opening applications, running out of space sporadically, but for some reason, I just couldn’t let go until yesterday.

Of course, part of it was trying to determine if I wanted to switch to an iPhone 6 or stay with Samsung S7.  I chose the S7.


But another reason is that there are so many memories with this phone that I feel like it deserves a real eulogy.  We had a make-shift one in Savoeunn’s kitchen, but it didn’t do this phone justice.

Here’s my farewell to my S4

Over the past 3 years, this phone has stayed by my side no matter what, even when it was tired of taking a million pictures.  Many of you have wonderful photos because of this phone, a lot of you have used my pictures as your Facebook profile too.   I thank this phone for taking all of my abuse, drops on the ground, endless clicks, and selfies. wpid-cymera_20150216_061610.jpg

Heng has said, he has more pictures of himself these past few years than in his entire life.


Through the years, it has survived close to easily 15,000 pictures. I would like to say that was an exaggeration, but that’s a minimum number.  I usually take about 10 pictures per day on average, and amplify number that when there is an event to capture, funny moments, or a vacation.

It has been loyal through every trip that I have taken and only started to get temperamental during my trip to Turkey, but it was understandable.  The poor phone was tired, it wasn’t created to take this many pictures and especially the amount of selfies I take.

Even when I lost you and it was slim to none that you would come back, somehow, you always did.  When I dropped you multiple times on cement, water, and I even ran over you once, you still survived.

Here is why you were more loyal than any man:

  • I wasn’t careful and you were thrown from a bobsled in Jamaica and got soaked in the rain. Lisa and I believed that you would never be found in the jungles, somehow you came back without a scratch.
  • I was so sleepy after the fish market, I left you in a Uber car in Japan. I never knew how I would get you back.  After many phone calls and translations later, again, you were found safe and sound.
  • You fell off a selfie stick in Greece with only a dent.
  • In Turkey, I could tell you wanted to shut down all the time. Lisa and I begged you to just cooperate for the rest of the trip and we would leave you alone. You kept your promise and I kept mine by retiring you.
  • I was angry and threw you at an ex-boyfriend. My aim was bad and you hit the wall instead.
  • I cracked your screen when I fell down and smacked you against the cement.


Places you have followed me to:

  • New York

  • New OrleansCYMERA_20140608_020104
  • Charleston, South Carolinawpid-cymera_20150421_184634.jpg
  • PhiladelphiaCYMERA_20150725_124202
  • Californiawpid-img_20140512_203019.jpg
  • Greecewpid-cymera_20150214_134429.jpg
  • Turkey20160227_051912IMG_3585
  • IcelandCYMERA_20150527_081322CYMERA_20150529_211550
  • Cancunwpid-cymera_20140904_074150.jpg
  • Jamaica1017144_10100110951294801_1930911285_n
  • Sweden20160302_101051
  • Chicago


Fondest moments taken using you:

  • Our first real night out and boy was that an epic night.11053585_134931776838889_868073118153192861_n
  • Dressing up as a tomato10427227_10100170958230421_5509274333200886005_n
  • Teaching my mom how to take a selfie8597_10100109904846891_927903969_n
  • When someone is so far gone, even getting hit a few times for a selfie doesn’t wake them up12391324_1083342941689636_5988886872486830184_n (1)
  • A moment with the Pope12002799_10100418483383031_8718363104208349657_n
  • Selfie with animals12243536_10100437226217241_5827547637076168527_n10446019_10100171311287891_3679937890239201056_n
  • People making strange10696461_10100237691466481_1428328188829359633_n


At every event, you show up somewhere in a picture.  What can I say, you love posing as much as I do.

  • Your famous at Ann-Marie’s wedding12841182_607608076046930_4847904566900733354_o
  • Sitting right next to me for my 30th birthday in your best designer case1910400_10156300725205161_3234610875506674441_n
  • When Sanam and I get dolled-up, you want to be in the picture too.12118623_10100422431096781_8415250256956272279_n
  • As we rolled around Greece on a trikke, you wanted to be included too.11012975_10100312463966791_3420191647005525509_n
  • You just didn’t want to take the selfie, you wanted to be in the selfie.IMG_20140323_12345122825_10100334675903891_224244302240800805_n10466995_829789910378275_4914915926653769044_o


You have captured so many special events including:

  • Photobombers1504019_10100223444786941_1592332304833148037_n1515011_10100109931094291_714441562_n10383761_10100175931743461_1967550464809399437_owpid-img_20150208_144800.jpg1888944_10100222307216641_7033762405067123445_o11055299_10100371137225111_5521432434208671236_o
  • Christmas parties10294418_10100265898170021_1509485487689018714_n
  • Unplanned matching outfits10377238_10100173620440331_5571110171947341979_n10379974_10100220652243221_4158570167311537042_o
  • Savoy trying to explain the window and realizing only Alex understands, not Jason. Jason doesn’t know anything about anything.11133895_10100324518319771_789991666057564943_o
  • Group trips10489767_10100189330597051_1643278356356314633_n
  • Birthdays…lots of birthdays11699009_10100379942429411_3256656019713035316_o12011409_10100417485742311_8077578467806084682_n11113893_10100324706098461_6685598688553370203_o10934159_10100286034032591_2838238226476658280_o10482272_10100180293183101_9150501674812217860_o11960202_10100407137644981_380459992324364712_n
  • Reunions of the three musketeers936538_991673556371_1990801794_n
  • When everyone is ready for a pic except that one friend10291083_10100158402996211_9219358779983142179_n
  • Other random moments10157363_10100145755242411_4364433099629648724_n
    For the long wait, the guy had to take this picture.
    For the long wait, the guy had to take this picture.



But it’s time to say goodbye.  I’ve tried to do everything to extend your life, but it’s time.  Thank you for capturing all the good memories. Now it’s time to trade you in, so that other cell phones may use your parts.

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