Karen’s Column

Welcome to Karen’s Column. Karen is one of the most insightful people I know on so many things in life, but especially in the love department. Everyone comes to her for advice and with her professional experience on a daily basis with broken relationships, she can tell you first what NOT to do.

She is many of our go to person when all else fails in love, which is why I have named her column Karen’s Advice for the Loved and Loveless.

Below is a running list of all her advice:

  1. The columnist herself- Who is Karen?
  2. Dating a Project vs a Potential
  3. Money or Time: What Matters More
  4. Why Do We Trip, Fall, and Stumble into Love
  5. Power of Ignore
  6. Ways to Get Fired by a Girl
  7. Why Everyone Needs a Passion
  8. For the Sake of Love or Money
  9. Reaching for the Stars or Reaching Back
  10. Secret Ingredient for Finding “The One”
  11. Can guys and girls be friends?
  12. Status Update: Searching for a Man
  13. Why You Can Never Re-Create a First Love 
  14. Dating in your 20’s vs 30’s
  15. Departing for LOVE: How much luggage are you checking in?
  16. 3 Qualities to Look for in a Partner

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