Liechtenstein- 6th Smallest Country in the World

A few hours in Liechtenstein and you can see the entire country.

Here are a few facts about the country:

  1. 6th smallest country in the world
  2. Citizenship can only be obtained by birth
  3. They make their own wine and do not export
  4. The country uses Swiss francs
  5. Average income is very high.

What to see?

  1. Get a passport stamp at the local souvenir shop, but it will cost you $5
  2. Eat a light lunch or pastry. You will not find too many places to eat in town, but mainly some café shops. There is also a kebab place.
  3. Go to the lookout point and see the castle. Yes, Liechtenstein still has a royal family.
  4. Try some local wine.
  5. Admire the random homes. In the cute streets, there are traditional European homes, but you will also find construction of a few very modern style homes too.

That is pretty much everything you can do in country.

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