Friendship Gratitude- Debbie

How we met:

Debbie and I met when we were toddlers. Our parents were friends and all the kids were around the same age, so instantly all the kids played with each other growing up. We played Barbie and dolls in her bunk beds, but we were friends before the time of social media, even before cell phones and texting, so as we went to different schools for junior high, our friendship drifted apart as well.


Fast-forward 20 years later and randomly we ran into each other on a metro cart at rush hour. You could say, we met again on that very fateful day because our friendship now is undeniably 1,000 times stronger than it would have been even if we kept in touch through our teenage years.

1234329_10201946094437032_1138877748_n*This was our first hangout after all this time. It pretty much sums up our entire relationship: Talk, eat, shop and experiment with make-up and A LOT of laughter.

Was it love at first sight?

We were so young, that our love was meant to be at that time. I don’t remember if it was love at first sight, but obviously, it was love by default. As children, we don’t really know hate or dislike, but I do remember loving hanging out with Debbie and her sisters.

Favorite Moments:

    • Sweat, blood, and tears. When she first started her job, she was working some of the craziest hours because of a plethora of random situations that created a muddy puddy of issues for her. Sadly, for a few months, she disappeared and when we finally caught up she spoke about all her obstacles, her struggle of the pain, but yet love for this dream job.  All I have to say is I will never forget how she told me a few of the things she said that made me laugh so much including a pile of dog poop.
    • Fault in our Stars.     Debbie has always told me she was emotional, especially when she watches romantic movies. She even projects her wishes to her hubby after she watches the movies, which is hilarious, but who can blame her. Who doesn’t want a Noah from The Notebook or Jack from Titanic. Jack died for poor Rose who said she would never let go and did. Anyways, we watched Fault in our Stars and I witnessed how she upset she was at how the ending turned out. I witnessed the tears in real life.
    • Biking adventures. One of the funniest moments was when she decided to go on a bike ride from her house to her work. Well, I guess she was not prepared for the adventure she would have testing this new route.  She told me the story of how she started biking, but then on the way back she was so tired and her bike pedals hit her. She was very tempted to call me to pick her up, but she had no idea how far I was away.  I could only imagine. Another morning, she told me he bike fell and hit her when she was saving a turtle on the bike path.  Look how adorable she is and I totally stole this from her FB page FYI.


    • You’re my only friend. She makes me laugh anytime she tells me this, but Debbie is always like I don’t have any friends, you are the only one.  This is NOT true. She is so cute with her captioned “late night antics,” we all love her!  Who does not love this hilarious girl?


3 Best Qualities:

  • Jack of all Trades. I really appreciate the fact that she knows a little bit of everything.  I’m serious, this girl is truly remarkable. I have never met someone who has so many interests, so well cultured, and a perfectionist in all the things she does.  She is a great writer, artist, she does amazing henna work, she knows all the make-up tips ou can think of, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She runs, even though she claims she’s not profesh, she has run marathons.


I tried to do a race with her once. I failed and we just walked it.


  • Maturity. When most people our age are out partying until all hours of the night, she is absolutely an old soul. I am an old soul as well, but Debbie cracks me up because she calls herself a boring old lady.  She likes to stay home with her kitty watching a marathon of Gilmore Girls. I tell her, you know what?  That’s what normal people our age do when they are married and mature.  I on the other hand am not mature, hence, I get myself in all sorts of fiascos.
  • Punny and Clever Sense of Humor.  Debbie has a very clever sense of humor. She is very good with her play on words.  I am going to fail writing how funny she is because it does not

My Most Grateful Moment:

All I have to say is that there is a reason that Debbie and I ran into each other one fateful day. She has become my closet friend and honestly another family member. I am so grateful her friendship for so many reasons, so don’t make me pick one!

I watched over the past nearly two years as she made a name for herself here and it’s not easy. Where we grew up, it’s easy to succeed, but here everyone is a fish in a gigantic ocean and it’s so easy to just give up. When I first met Debbie, she was not happy in her job and she really wanted to work at what she excels at: English. I remember telling her not to give up, she just needs someone to take a chance on her.

I am amazed at her work ethic, her ambition and her ability to battle any obstacle.  She is a fighter, a hard-worker, and so talented.  All I have to say is how proud I am at how far you have come in a year.

Debbie is full of fascinating and entertaining stories. She is honestly a very good story-teller, maybe it comes from her writing skills, but when she tells you a story, even the simplest thing like a trip to the grocery store, somehow you get sucked in like a soap opera. I can’t even count the amount of tears I have shed laughing at all her stories.

She is also one of the most generous people I know.  She is the friend you are trying to battle to see who can get their credit card out first.  She always tells me, it’s because she doesn’t get to treat a friend, but it’s truly because she is just a generous soul and I love her for that.  I even had to battle her on her own birthday to pay!

My most grateful moments have been all of the times she has listened to me tell her all these situations I get myself into and she just laughs. I would say we both at times can be equally dramatic, but I beat her by boatloads. I appreciate that she just sits, listens, and when I go off the deep end like decide to be lesbian for a week, and she just shakes her head and says “alrighty then.”

Anytime I have issues at work, personal relationships, or I just feel blue, Debbie is always there for me. She can make me laugh so much that I forget my issues, but when I need to be serious about something, she can switch to serious mode as well.  I guess you can say she’s multi-faceted.

I may not say it enough, but you are truly a one-of-a-kind friend and I love you like a million peanut butter M&Ms.  And yes, we need more pictures. I promise we are working on it.



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