Switzerland…The land of amazing skiing and chocolate

Switzerland is exactly like a painting. Pictures do not do it justice.  It has never been on my list of must see, but it has become one of my favorite places.

Switzerland is known for the mountains, chocolate, and being a peaceful country. The scenery is amazing. The only word to describe it is picturesque.

Here are 5 facts about Switzerland

  1. Many large companies use Switzerland for a tax haven.
  2. The country is extremely wealthy and as close to a perfect democracy that exist in the today’s world.
  3. Switzerland has a square flag and the only other country with a square flag is the Vatican.
  4. In 2007, Switzerland accidentally invaded its neighbor Liechtenstein.
  5. Switzerland has four official languages, French, German, Italian, and Romansch.

Things to do

Go to Pilatus Mountain. Some people walk up the entire mountain, but I would recommend taking the gondola ride. Even on the ride, it takes almost 45 minutes, so imagine how long it would take to hike. The views from the top are totally worth it.

Visit Brunnen.  This is a very cute little town along the lake. The views of the water is amazing.

If it is warm enough you can also jump in for a swim, but be careful it is very rocky until you get further out into the lake.

Explore Lucerne. This small town with lots of cute streets to explore.  It is a perfect way to spend half a day. There are only a few things to see in the town.  The best part was to take a cruise along the lake.


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