Why a Robber Couldn’t Even Rob Me…

imagesI am going to preface this by saying this was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, but it’s too sad/funny not to share. I have learned I am NOT good in emergency situations at all.  Also, again it shows this Asian does not do well alone. I always have to have people around me.

Last week, I was snuggled up sleeping in my bed and around 1 AM, I heard a loud boom. It sounded like a crash, but I could not tell if it was inside or outside my house, so what’s my first instinct? Play dead.

Yep, I was like, don’t move if the person hears me and they are inside, then they’ll find me faster. I thought, maybe it was my purse that dropped?

I heard some more noise, so I panic. I crawl off the bed and grab my phone and crawl to the edge of the stairs to listen. It sounded like more noise, but from the outside.

My second thought, damn it my pepper spray is in my purse downstairs! Ok, what other weapon do I have? Sadly, I just have a bunch of clothes hangers. So I crawl on the ground with my phone and grab about 15 cloth hangers, then I drag myself to the bathroom, lock the door and sit there.

I text to see if my roommate is home, she said no.

Well, after I calmed down, there was no one in my house; it was a few garbage cans that got knocked over.

When I told my guy friend this, he just said what was your plan with the hangers? My honest response, I had not thought that far. My only real thought was to grab something.

My friend said, if I was a robber and opened up the door seeing this tiny Asian with so many hangers, I would take off my clothes and say hang them and just laugh and walk away. He offered to buy a bat for me haha.

This is the story of my life.

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