You Can Never Love Fully Until You Stop Being Afraid

Why do we trip, fall, and stumble into love?

How many of us build walls around themselves so that they don’t get their hearts broken? But by doing that, we are blocking out the possibility of love. Back in our parent’s day people were simple, love was simple.

Today, it is about how good you can play the game and people who truly believe in fairy tales, eventually find out that not every story has a happily ever after. Everyone has had their heart-broken at least once, if you have not, you are one of the lucky ones. Each time, this happens, another armor suit comes on and it takes an army to break it down again.

Someone once mentioned to me that people tend to go into a new relationship like they are in a boxing match with their boxing gloves on. People make it so hard to love that instead of just falling in love, people nowadays unintentionally trip into love.

Have you ever thought of it that way?

It is true; people do not allow themselves to love unconditionally anymore.

There are always rules and regulations, terms and conditions, and if you do not read the fine print, who knows what type of package you are signing up for. You might end up getting a lot of unexpected fees.

People do not just fall in love naturally anymore. You don’t hear as many stories of someone meeting randomly at a coffee shop and the man just could not resist falling for the girl’s charm and the rest is history or in Disney movies, the heroic prince going any lengths to win his damsel’s heart.

People put up so many obstacles that it makes it nearly impossible to love them even if the right person comes along. People are so concerned with finding someone who fits every item on their checklist that they forget what love is. I think even in many senses, what a relationship really means.

Next time someone comes your way, not just anyone, but someone who makes you say they’re worth it; take a step back and tell yourself to let it happen. Throw your boxing gloves in the ring and follow the yellow brick road. Who knows where it will lead you.

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